The Compact of Washington, D.C.

Being a Binding Agreement between All the Supernatural Inhabitants of the City

Let it be known that the Kindred, Garou, Mages and Fae (to be hereinafter called "Supernaturals") of Washington, DC and associated outlying areas, do hereby declare that all of their respective kinds shall be required to observe this nonaggression pact amongst those kinds. The terms of this pact shall be:

  1. All disputes between these three kinds shall be brought before a public tribunal, the members of which shall be chosen from amongst the Kindred, the Garou, the Mages, and the Fae. There shall be no more and no less than one tribune of each persuasion.

  2. There shall be no unpunished murder of a Supernatural by another Supernatural without just cause, as determined by said tribunal; such cause shall be limited to killing in defense of self, others (whether Natural or Supernatural), or the Masquerade, Veil, or Curtain.

    1. If killing occurs without sufficient, just reason, the punishment shall be decided upon by a representative for the injured party, subject to the approval of the tribunal.
    2. All discoveries of murder of fellow Supernaturals must be reported to the Sept Leader, Prince, Cabal Leader and Reigning Noble.

  3. All Supernaturals shall swear to uphold these laws, as well as the Masquerade of the Kindred, the Veil of the Garou, and the Curtain of the Mages and Fae, on pain of banishment from the city. Those who are banished shall have until the next sunrise to depart from the limits of the city and associated areas; if, by that time, they have not departed, their existence shall be forfeit, and their lives not protected underneath the Second Law above.

  4. We hold these Truths to be self-evident: that all Supernaturals are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator(s) with certain unalienable Rights, among them Existence, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

  5. These laws may be modified, altered, or rescinded, or other laws may be enacted, only by the unanimous agreement of the Sept Leader, Prince, Cabal Leader and Reigning Noble; or of the tribunal.

To this we set our hands:

Contessa Francesca da San Germano, Clan Ventrue; Prince of Washington D.C.
Elder Philodox of the Wendigo; Leader of the Sept of the Seven Pines
Julian Mordrid, Magus Primus,
Order of Hermes; Quaesitor, House Rhiannon; Cabal Leader, Georgetown Knights
Arislan ap Fiona and Rhiannon ni Eiluned, Duke and Duchess of SilverWater
Andrew Ryan, Magus, Order of Hermes; Guardian of Washington, D.C.; Tribune
Robin Songshaper,
Elder Moon-Dancer of the Children of Gaia; Leader of the Sept of the Windriders; Tribune
Hayley Marie Forsythe-Picard,
Clan Ventrue; Tribune
Niall ap Fiona, Baron of Fairgrove; Tribune

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