Special Thanks

To my sister, Mayumi, for giving me my start in roleplaying through our childhood games.

To Fred Yelk, who put a shy and lost newbie at ease and gave me my introduction to UB SARPA that afternoon in 1993.

To JC Convery, Liana Olear, Brian Casimino, and our GM, Jan Swiatciewicz (sp?), for letting a newbie into your Vampire game.

To the players in my very first Vampire game-- Robin (Pamela) Connor, Brian (Larry) Maltbie, and Ben (David Corbin) Melenson -- for letting me test my wings as a Gamemistress.

To Ben Melenson, who inspired me to become a GM myself, and gave me some of the best memories I have as a roleplayer -- I'll always remember Diana's adventures in your Charlotte Chronicle, and David's escapades in my Washington, D.C. one (not to mention Valerie the Black Fury and Daniel the Bone Gnawer's trips to Burger King...:-).

To Jeni Pleskow, for all those late-night talks, for keeping me sane, and for showing me the fun inherent in my current GMing style -- "supernatural soap opera" indeed. :-)

To Caroline Elliott, for those late-night discussions about my game world, and for being one of the best Changeling players I've had the privilege to GM for.

To Ryan Bowers, for creating some of the most interesting characters I've had the privilege to GM, and for coming up with a new term for Protean 3 ("Dirt-nap," indeed :-).

And to all my players, past and present, for all the fun we've had -- and hopefully will continue to have -- whether it be on the tabletop, at conventions, or online. May there be many more adventures to come!

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