My Roleplaying Characters

The following are some of the player characters that I've created for the various games I've played in over the past several years. Following the links will lead you to more detailed histories, and, in some cases, statistics and pictures. Happy reading!

Chelsea Rice (-Hunter): A vampire horror novelist from Clan Toreador, Chelsea has the distinction of being one of my very first roleplaying characters. Shortly after her Embrace, she ended up caught in the destruction of the city of Reno, Nevada by two warring Methuselahs. Needless to say, she left shortly thereafter. Now happily married to a Gangrel private investigator named Rick Hunter, she resides in Washington, D.C., and still occasionally appears as an NPC in my games.

Diana Drake: A private investigator and a vampire of Clan Gangrel. Like many of her clan, she has an affinity for the wilderness, and her wanderings have taken her from her birthplace in Rochester, New York, to Charlotte, North Carolina (the site of her "unbirth" as a vampire), Savannah, Georgia, and finally to the Washington, D.C. area. In a bit of art imitating life, Diana is also a cat owner. Perhaps this is the reason she adopts the form of a cat (rather than the more usual wolf) when she shapeshifts into animal form.

Sonja Morgan: My character in UB-SaRPA's Vampire LARP, New Orleans by Night. A Brujah ex-cop turned vigilante from Buffalo, NY, she found herself a member of the inner circle (okay, such as it was :-) of Antonio Andolini, the Brujah Primogen of New Orleans. She also took under her wing a Caitiff named Gavin Whitehawk, and the two eventually became Blood Bound to each other in vampiric marriage (I guess that was to be expected, considering Gavin was being played by my then-fiancé [now husband] :-). An alternate version of her appeared as an NPC anarch in my short-lived Vampire experiment, Santa Angela.

Elspeth Clears-New-Paths: A Metis Black Fury Ragabash, Elspeth has been through a number of permutations. The daughter of a Black Fury Galliard and the Shadow Lord Ahroun who raped her, Elspeth has two goals -- to find and collect ancient fetishes for her camp, the Freebooters, and to find her biological father and make him pay for what he's done. This quest has taken her from a tabletop game set at SUNY Buffalo to a Werewolf LARP set in Niagara Falls, NY, with no end in sight (yet!) A future version of her appeared as a servant of the Inner Calyx, the ruling council of her tribe, in my Werewolf chronicle, Windriders Unchained.

Maya bint Numair: My first Changeling: The Dreaming character -- a Seelie Wilder eshu wandering storyteller. Her travels have taken her from the mythical city of Newford to London, New Hampshire, and finally to the duchy of SilverWood, Virginia, where she's currently appearing as an NPC in my Changeling games.

Ysolde Nyx: A Goth Unseelie Wilder eshu, Ysolde is the bass player for the Gothic rock band, Dark Madonna. In true eshu fashion, she's never stayed in one place for very long (at least not until my Changeling chronicle...). Unseelie because of the freedom it grants her, and unabashedly unrepentant, with...appetites that would put some satyrs to shame, she isn't happy unless she has the freedom to do what she wants -- and heaven help anyone who tries to tell her "no!"

Lady Valeria ni Scathach (a/k/a "Val Grey"): A Seelie sidhe knight of House Scathach, Valeria was my principle character on Ashland, an online White Wolf RPG set in the mythical city of Ashland, Washington. Entering Ashland on the trail of a sidhe of the Shadow Court who had attempted to assassinate her liege lord, she soon made the acquaintance of a troll knight named Jenner Rain-water, who told her a great deal more about herself than even she knew. Like Ysolde and Maya, Val is currently appearing as an NPC in my Changeling chronicles. I also played a somewhat revised version of her in a LARP set in Buffalo, NY for a time. She also appears (as a high school student) in my online Changeling game, A Learning Experience.

Soulfire: This Japanese super-heroine is one of my Champions characters. As you might be able to tell from her name, she's a flame-wielding heroine. :-) She also has some occult abilities, including the power to exorcise evil with special incantations.

Sir Kellin ap Scathach (a/k/a "Kellin Grey"): A Seelie sidhe knight of House Scathach, Kellin is Valeria's son. I played him in a number of short table-top games and a Play-by-E-Mail Changeling game. He also served as my "bridge" NPC in A Whole New World, my second Changeling chronicle, and gave me the inspiration to design Scathach's Ravens, a secret society of House Scathach fae. Like his mother, he currently appears as an NPC in my Changeling chronicles.

Lady Aeryn ni Scathach (a/k/a "Aeryn McSkeath"): A sidhe knight of House Scathach originally from Ireland, Aeryn has traveled a long and winding path. I originally created her (under the name "Raven ni Scathach") for a MUSH called Paris: Le Fleurs de Mal, where a friend of mine was the Changeling admin; when I stopped playing her there, she had a brief outing in a Play-By-E-Mail game. When that game fell through, I started using her as an NPC in some of my Changeling games, and I'm currently playing her in a free-form Changeling game set in the New Jersey Pine Barrens called Epiphany: The Chronicles of Glass Pines.

Aeryn ni Kellan: My Dungeons and Dragons (3rd Edition) character, Aeryn is a half-elven priestess of Dariun, the elven god of war. Along with her allies, she seems to have gotten herself embroiled in the prelude to a possible race war between the humans and elves -- something which puts her in a very awkward position considering her heritage.

Diana Rides-The Storm: A Homid Black Fury Galliard, Diana was my character on The Emerald City, an online White Wolf game set in Seattle, Washington (and the successor to Ashland). A freshman English major at the University of Washington, she is still learning about the wonders and dangers of being Garou.

Sir Keighvyn ap Scathach (a/k/a Kevin Drake): A Seelie sidhe of House Scathach, Keighvyn is my character in a Changeling Play-By-E-Mail game called A Holiday Tale, set in Columbus, Ohio and the Dreaming. A rookie police officer in the mundane world, he's also a knight of the court of Countess Miriam of the County of Buckeyes in the fae one.

Yuki Matsunaga : A character I created for a Champions game set in the Bubblegum Crisis universe. A former Advanced Police officer turned bodyguard, she now uses her hardsuit to thwart the machinations of the Gulf and Bradley Corporation in San Francisco of 2040 A.D.

Drusilla ni Scathach: Another of my characters in Epiphany, Drusilla ("Dru" to her friends) is a freshman English major at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, who hopes to become an English teacher. She's also a sidhe of House Scathach with an interesting backstory.

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