From the Journal of Diana "Rides-The-Storm" Ravenscroft,
Cliath Artisan of the Black Furies:

Well, I've only been here in Seattle a few weeks, and already it seems like things are happening.

The dorm is actually kind of nice; my roommate's hanging out with her friends in their room, so I've pretty much got the place to myself right now. Which is really good, in a way, because I'd have /way/ too much explaining to do if she saw this.

The sept was right where Cheryl said it would be. Really neat place, actually. Not the same as home, but nice all the same. I think I could get used to it, even if I do still miss Mom, Elise and Caroline. I wonder what they're doing now?

/Anyway/, I made it to the sept okay, and made the Howl of Introduction. Only a couple minutes later, the Truthcatcher, Aramus Starwalker, came over to talk to me. He and I talked for a while, and I found out that I'd have to wait for the next Moot to ask to join the sept, but he introduced me around to a few people anyway. Let's see if I can remember them all there was Dives-the-Deep; Ghost-of-the-Desert-Winds, who's Uktena and the Ritemaster; and a very impressive Fury named "Laughter-of-Nyx." It's good to have a tribesister in the area I only hope I made a good impression. It's really hard to make it in a new city, especially when all my friends are pretty much back in New York, but I guess I'll just have to make some new ones...

A couple of days later, I met with Outer-Silence-Inner-Storm, who's a Stargazer Ahroun and the Warder and Grand Elder of the sept. He's one intimidating Garou, let me tell you I guess it just goes to show that you don't necessarily need to be really huge to have an intimidating presence. Hmmm...maybe there's a poem in there someplace...

At any rate, he talked to me for a while, and was nice enough to allow me to join the sept, though he told me I need to make the announcement at the next moot. Hopefully I can get something more polished in time for the moot the right choice of words can really enhance the message, after all.

That reminds me gotta get the next chapter of the Lit. book read before next class...I'll write more later.

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