From the Journal of Diana "Rides-The-Storm" Ravenscroft,
Cliath Artisan of the Black Furies:

It seems like I've been telling a lot of stories lately, but that's OK. It's what I'm /supposed to do/, after all. :-) And I think that telling so many stories has helped me get better at it at least, I hope so.

Let's see... I told the story of Actaeon that Hera Warsinger told me, back at Gaia's Hand, at the moot in September. Not bad for my first outing as Talesinger; as a matter of fact, I'd be happy to fill the post again if they asked. Maybe it's the moon-sign showing through, but doing that sort of thing is...fulfilling, somehow. Like some part of me that I didn't know was empty until now is being filled.

Still no news on the pack front; it's just me and Peter, but maybe what happened during the Rite of the Long Vigil will change that. He had a trophy to contribute a piece of nasty carapace from a fomor he took down in Chicago, while he was traveling to this coast with his old pack. I told everyone the story of how he and his pack saved a Kin from the clutch of fomori, and I /think/ it at least impressed some of the other folks at the sept. And Peter seemed pretty pleased at my rendition of his adventure "Eloquent as always," he told me. I just hope I'll be as eloquent when it comes to telling /our/ adventures may Medusa, the First Artisan, grant it's so. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

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