Peter Falcon Seer's Rescue of a Kinfolk of House Unbreakable Hearth

Diana takes her place before the assembled Garou, holds up a piece of a heavy, armored carapace, colored a vile shade of gray-green, and says clearly --

"Listen, O Garou of the Sept of the Caverns, to the tale of Peter Falcon-Seer, Sings-the-Dharma, Beak of Horus, and Jenny Taunts-the-Sun, and how they rescued a Kinfolk from a clutch of fomori in the protectorate of King Cyrus-The-Bald, of House Unbreakable Hearth of the Silver Fangs.

While traveling across this land, the pack was welcomed into the Unbreakable Hearth's protectorate, in the city the humans call Chicago. Though they were treated as honored guests, Peter Falcon-Seer could see that the king was troubled, and he asked what it was that had cast a pall over his tribemate.

King Cyrus told the Theurge that on the night Luna showed but half her face, the daughter of a family of Kinfolk, the betrothed of the King's own grandson, had vanished from the protectorate. The sept had sent packs out far and wide to find the girl, but they had met with no success. Luna now hid her face from Gaia, and still there was no sign of the missing Kin.

Falcon-Seer listened carefully to all that the king had said, and that night,as they lay down to sleep, he conferred with his packmates. All agreed that they would join the search. And so, the next morning, Falcon-Seer and his packmates knelt before King Cyrus-the-Bald and offered him their aid in his search.

Falcon-Seer, Taunts-the-Sun, Beak of Horus, and Sings-the-Dharma went to the place where the Kin had last been seen, and began their search. Sings-the-Dharma followed her scent in lupus form, with his packmates scant steps behind. The Stargazer's senses were keen, and, mixed in with the scent of the girl, he caught the scent of the Wyrm. The pack followed the trail, and soon found themselves in a neighborhood of dilapidated, boarded-up houses that had long since been abandoned by their human inhabitants. The reek of the Wyrm was strongest about one of these houses, and the pack steeled themselves for the battle that they knew lay ahead.

It was not long in coming; suddenly, the door burst off its hinges, revealing a nest of hideous fomori standing between the brave pack and the terrified Kin! Howling the Anthem of War, the pack charged into battle! Beak of Horus shattered the spine of one fomor with a single terrible blow, and Falcon-Seer buried his claws in the belly of another, shredding its guts. Taunts-the-Sun and Sings-the-Dharma stained their claws with the vile green ichor of another, and the pack members fought bravely until their foes lay strewn about them like so many flightless pigeons.

Falcon-Seer gently gathered the girl in his arms, and the pack returned her to the Unbreakable Hearth's protectorate. Her family was overjoyed that their daughter had been returned safely, and King Cyrus-the-Bald hailed the pack as heroes, and thanked them for returning one of their own to the Unbreakable Hearth."

Her tale done, she returns to sit beside her packmate.

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