My Little Raven,

Dearest Val, my time is short. There is still so much that you need to know about me, and about yourself as well. I've been half waiting for and half dreading these moments for years now.

Let me organize my thoughts. As you know, little one, I've been narrowly avoiding Bedlam for quite some time, and my own Banality has threatened to consume my faerie mien. Let me be blunt -- soon it will be time for me to choose between Dream and the waking world.

I killed a friend. His name was Justin, a satyr. He attacked me in my own home. Val, I lost control and killed him with my bare hands. It was horrid. I only meant to stop him, but he kept talking. I begged him to be silent; I warned that he should leave the freehold. He would have killed Lord Albright; Justin was out of control...

Just the same, he and I were friends. If I am to return to Dream, it means leaving this world behind. Oh, Val, my tale grows deeper by the moment. I will not write of these things now, for I grow tired. Val, all of my hopes lie in you.


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