January 1999
Story Notes for Mystic or Heat of the Blood

OK, so that elusive recluse Talerian gave me the skinny on that Kerwin fellow and why he gets all misty-eyed when somebody mentions North Carolina.

I'm going to write it here, as a draft. Depending on how much "good stuff" I feel like putting in will make the determination as to which book it goes into.

Kerwin is a Gangrel. It seems that after the Embrace, they leave their Childer alone to see if they'll make it. It's actually a good idea. I don't think it would work with my clan, however. We have too many shrinking lilies.

Talerian says that he had no clue what he was, and he actually thought that he was a cinematic werewolf. She couldn't tell him what he was, but his Sire was her Sire's husband, so she kind of took him in, sort of like a lost and errant brother. After being told what he was and what it was all about, poor Kerwin must have been sort of lost. Or that's what Tal said. She had to keep referring to these little notebooks and sketch pads; it seems that she's pretty forgetful.

Anyhow, he laid claim to some of the land across from her house (compound is more like it; it's all walled in. But at least she had the good sense to paint the walls where the windows are.), and started building something there. This was after he'd made a mess of her dining room making a harpsichord, of all things.

Then somewhere while he was out chasing rabbits (?) he met this girl. Diana. BLAMMO! It was all over for them. Instant love.

It's such a sweet concept. I have to use it.

Kerwin still wears that jacket; it's bloodstained from his Embrace, and it's missing a big chunk in front.

Diana (I vaguely remember her) had longish auburn hair, usually in a French braid, and she tended toward the muted end of the clothing spectum.

Kerwin also has reddish-brown hair. It's a little messy, but not really long.

Yeah, yeah. These notes are a little jumbled up. But that's the way Sir Lady Knight Talerian (what a mouthful) gave them to me. Maybe I can do something with it this way. I wouldn't be surprised. And it will DEFINITELY give Chuck something to worry about.

So, anyway, Kerwin plays guitar up at Louis's. He's very good. I heard something about his angling for a job at Georgetown, in the music department.

Diana helped with the construction of his house, and, I think, is the reason he put in a hot tub.

Diana was a little odd for a Gangrel, not that this is a bad thing, in that she turned into a cat. Yeah, not a wolf, like most of the rest of `em.

`Course, the name Diana suits for a cat. Wasn't that the name of Alice's cat in Through the Looking Glass? I'll have to look it up.

Original text copyright © 1995 by Jeni Pleskow. Reprinted here with permission.

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