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"David Corbin, Clan Tremere."
---David Corbin, Tremere Apprentice of the First Circle, introducing himself to all and sundry while playing innocent Neonate

"Corwin, can we keep it?"
---Gangrel Pamela Martin, the only one who likes furry Gangrel, upon first seeing the Ventrue Justicar's Gangrel Archon (who's Frenzied a bit too much...)

"You realize that if you come back injured one more time, Chelsea won't let you play anymore!"
---Malkavian Larry Exiter, to Gangrel private eye Rick Hunter, after Rick jumped into the fray one too many times for his wife's comfort

"Ari, sweetie..."
---Toreador Talerian MacSidhe's "Pavlovian training for the Stargazer cub" (Arion MindWalker)

"...Away from Precinct Seven!"
---Gangrel Brian O'Connell's main criterion for a place to go gambling

"Dirt naps."
---Brian's player's term for Earth Meld

"Grunge Julian"
---Fashion choice following a battle with the Technocracy that Hermetic magus Dr. Julian Mordrid would prefer everyone forget!

"Homid! Not Crinos! Go Homid, dammit!"
---Talerian, attempting to calm Garou delirious with pain

"...the Brujah who feels it's his moral duty to arm the world! 'Guns don't kill people, son -- people kill people!' Yeah, Jack -- how many drive-by knifings have you seen, huh?"
---Brian's player, describing Brujah "Happy" Jack Bain, the city's source for weaponry of every description

"Oh! So the Toreador have replaced Trendlin!"
---Tremere John C. Wright, Esquire, caressing his sword-cane, as he heard of another Toreador's Embrace (maintainer's note: that sword-cane contained the spirit of Toreador Trendlin Barrett)

"Never saw a Ventrue Frenzy on a shirt before..."
---John's player, on Ventrue Mordecai Graves's behavior at the Malkavian Masquerade

"Either you change back to Homid now or I'm going to have to embarass us both!"
---Gangrel Kerwin O'Donnell, to Arion, on the aforementioned "Pavlovian training for the Stargazer cub"

"He's got WHAT?!?!?!"
---The ST (and some other players) on Mordecai's ever-changing equipment list

"'It's six feet long...no, it's four feet long...no, wait; I lied -- it's six feet long!'"
---Another player paraphrasing Mordecai's player about his character's sword, "The Amazing Collapsible Claymore"

"This is going to REALLY hurt!!!"
---Kerwin's thoughts on facing Ventrue secret agent Marcus Bane and his silver bullets

"Consuela wants an ice-cream cone."
---Malkavian Amelinda "Lindy" Lopez, about her omnipresent Barbie doll, to anyone she happens to meet

"Well, well, well! If it isn't Shannon...and her lovely partner, Valerie! What's it been, three arrests now?"
---Brian attempting to sweet-talk his two favorite cops

"Here's a quarter...go buy a spine and bring me change!"
---Brian's reaction to Marc van Circe's sob story

"We are off their Christmas card list!"
---Brian's player, in regard to the troupe's multiple middle-of-the-night calls to Dr. Julian Mordrid and Aleta n'ha Deanna (the chronicle's resident healers) for medical aid after their battles

"I sold them."
---Toreador photographer Quinn's idea of a joke regarding his disposition of photos of Brujah Natalie Whitman feeding on some muggers (to the rest of the world, it's a death sentence!)

"When the ST asks you if you really want to do something, consider your answer very carefully!"
---Kerwin's player on Quinn's player's failure to heed the ST's advice to retract the aforementioned "I sold them" crack to Natalie Whitman (who then put Quinn into Torpor with one punch)

"Silence the childe, or send him away!"
---Francesca da San Germano, Prince of Washington, on Quinn's annoyingly obnoxious way of dealing with his betters

"...And, in the distance, you think you can hear, dimly, the sound of yet another of Talerian's pells hitting the stratosphere..."
---John's player, on Brujah Primogen Damon Salvatore's reaction to Paul Simon's less than complimentary fax on The Night of Paul's Big Bash

"The Tremere are having a block party..."
---Toreador bartender Cat Ryan's interpretation of the events of The Night of Paul's Big Bash

"Has anybody thought to teach Ari how to use them?"
---Kerwin's thoughts on everyone's urging Arion and Di to use birth control

"Wow, I've never seen Twinkies out in the wild before."
---Bone Gnawer Keegan Surfs-on-Trucks, upon sighting Malkavian Izzy Weinstock's unwrapped Twinkie-trail

"Brujah, huh? That's good -- they don't break."
---Gangrel Sabbat Hunter Aaron Boone's comment upon first sighting Natalie Whitman

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