"When superheroes first meet, they must fight!"
---Ghost Kid's player, re, the adventure in which the heroes met and battled the Nightwatch due to a case of mistaken identity

"Your payments are going to go through the roof, I tell you! Through the roof!"
---Ghost Kid, to Soultaker, after a giant squid fell from a portal onto Soultaker's car

"Sorry about the toothpicks in your steering wheel."
---Fred apologizing to Soultaker, re, his use of elemental (wood) magic to dispatch the giant squid, and the battle's aftermath (described above)

"A burger joint with superheroes in it? Of course there's going to be a battle!"
---Ghost Kid's player, re, the GMs using the time-honored convention of superhero comics in another session

"I like this color."
---Fred's player, explaining why a zombie walked off with Soultaker's front door

"Zombies, boobies. Zombies, boobies. Boobies!"
---Fred's player, describing what was going on in the head of one of Drusilla's beaux during a zombie attack in which Drusilla's shirt and bra were burned off

"C'mon, Fine Manipulation...make the zombie dance. 'It's doing the Time Warp?!?'"
---Fred's player, to Ghost Kid's player, re, Ghost Kid's use of his Telekinesis on one of the zombies, and the possible reaction of bystanders

New Sessions 2003-2004

"Always turn to the sanctioned supers -- especially when you've done something illegal."
---Ghost Kid's player, on the group visiting the Sentinels after breaking and entering to rescue an NPC

"I feel like a D & D party without a cleric."
---Ghost Kid's player, lamenting the loss of the only character with access to healing powers

"Hi, Dad. I broke into a hospital yesterday and spent last night in a regeneration tank, but I'm okay now."
---Ghost Kid, checking in and informing his father of his whereabouts during the previous day's adventure

"Watch your fingers."
"Yeah -- I'd have more to regenerate then."
---Shifter, giving advice to Ghost Kid before closing the regeneration tank, and Ghost Kid's response

"Okay, I'll do the ol' Luke Skywalker..."
---Ghost Kid's quip before getting into the Sentinels' regeneration tank

"When someone thinks they're being watched, they usually are."
"Boy, you are paranoid!"
---Conversation between Soultaker and Ghost Kid

"Revenant manages to survive the trip without puking his guts out..."
---The GM commenting on Revenant hitching a ride with Ghost Kid, and the telekinetic teen's fun with aerobatics

"It's debatable whose smile is more disturbing..."
---Comment by the GM, re, Shrike's sharp-toothed grin versus Ghost Kid's chocolate-stained one

"Revenant, you can go with Soultaker -- unless you wanna do a loop-de-loop again..."
---Ghost Kid arranging transportation to a crime scene

"Wednesdays are trips to other dimensions; Tuesdays are encounters from beyond time."
---Ghost Kid, commenting on the Sentinels' unavailability during an adventure, due to being in another dimension

"Oh, by the way, you guys are paying my laundry bill!"
---Ghost Kid, to the members of the supervillain team GRAB, after an encounter that left his costume stained

"Many, many evil beings escaped. Now get me out of this!"
---Ghost Kid, to Soultaker and Revenant, after being immobilized in a large wad of foam by supervillain Bluejay, who freed her teammates in GRAB

"I eat candy bars all the time -- it's what powers my Telekinesis."
"That's just creepy."
---Conversation between Ghost Kid's player and a bystander observing the game

"What did you do?"
"I got Space Captain Nine!"
"Is that the alternate cover?"
---Exchange between Ghost Kid and Soultaker, after Ghost Kid's encounter with an unhelpful comic store owner during an investigation, and Revenant's question about Ghost Kid's purchase at the comic shop

"Do you have any ideals, anyway?"
"Not really."
---Conversation between Soultaker and Revenant's players on superheroic ideals (or lack thereof)

"They should advertise more."
---Revenant, on the large banner for the gemologic exhibit at the Santa Angela Museum of Natural History

"Is there anything unusual about the observatory?"
"Well, there's no supervillain standing on it going, 'Mu-wah-hah-hah-HAH!!!' if that's what you mean."
---Question from the players about the observatory in the Santa Angela Museum of Natural History, and the GM's tongue-in-cheek response

"There's no 'Villains Here' marker, is there?"
---Soultaker's player, re, the map of the Museum of Natural History

"It's apparently Reading Time."
---Revenant, re, "Scathach" (actually a disguised Drusilla) paging frantically through a spell book during the group's battle with the villainous sorcerer Bloodstone and DEMON

"Is Fabio on the cover?"
---Revenant, on "Scathach's" spell book

"Do you think there's going to be trouble there?"
"There might be..."
"I'll go."
---Conversation between Soultaker and Revenant, re, Hikaru Motors' demonstration of their new high-speed hovercraft

"I didn't bring my stuff."
---Revenant's player's explanation as to why his character didn't participate in the fight with a Demonspawn agent at Hikaru Motors' demo in costume

"Blow stuff up. Stay there until you're told to leave."
"Oh, and pick up some milk on your way back."
---The GM explaining the orders of the Demonspawn agent at Hikaru Motors' demo to create a diversion, and Revenant's player's tongue-in-cheek addition

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