The Annals of the Silver Lion

Lord Julien's private notes

Entry the Fourth

Thallain in the barony fuck fuck FUCK! This does not bode well not at all....

Gunthar's been in a pretty foul mood since he found out about the ogres; I found a hole in the computer room wall the other day. He's not saying whether or not he did it, but I really doubt it was Ashram...besides, lately, the cat's been hiding every time Gunthar's in the apartment. Not that I really blame him...

Might be a good idea to start researching in Uncle Henri's library, or at work it's not like Aeryn minds if I read on my breaks, and I think I can get Lady Elspeth to take a look in her private collection.

Time to go to sleep I've got the early shift tomorrow at Midsummer Nights.

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