The Litany

Garou shall not mate with Garou.
To breed a metis is a sin, and a cruel thing to do to your child. If a Garou loves another Garou, he must not express his passion. This is the law.

Combat the Wyrm wherever it dwells and whenever it breeds.
The Garou were born to fight the Wyrm. There is no greater honor. This is the law.

Respect the territory of another.
Ask before entering another's territory, for only the master of a territory knows best how to guard it against the Enemy, and within his territory, his commands are to be obeyed. This is the law.

Accept an honorable surrender.
We are too few, and each Garou's death only advances the Wyrm's cause. If you are beaten, bare your throat; if you are victor, spare your vanquished foe. Duel never to the death with your brethren, only against the Wyrm. This is the law.

Submission to those of higher station.
Your elders are to be obeyed, for they hold the wisdom of many battles. Learn from them, and obey their words. This is the law.

The first share of the kill for the greatest in station.
Honor your alpha, for he has brought you victory. In return, he will honor you. This is the law.

Ye shall not eat the flesh of humans.
To feast on the flesh of your Kin is to invite the Wyrm into your body and soul. Human meat poisons both flesh and spirit; it is not fitting prey. This is the law.

Respect for those beneath ye all are of Gaia.
The Garou were created to be the world's protectors. Abuse not your power, lest those above you strike you down. This is the law.

The Veil shall not be lifted.
Our enemies are many, and all seek our death. To reveal our existence to the humans is to offer our throats to the Wyrm. This is the law.

Do not suffer thy people to tend thy sickness.
There is no honor in dying sick, weak and old. Death in battle is the noblest death we may hope for. This is the law.

Ye shall take no action that causes a Caern to be violated.
The caerns are Gaia's lifeblood. If they are destroyed, we will cease to exist. Those who betray a caern are to be slain without mercy. This is the law.

The leader shall not be challenged in time of war.
A pack may not win if they fight among themselves when danger approaches. The law of the pack is vital to victory, and obedience is vital to the law of the pack. In battle, the word of the leader is immutable. This is the law.

The leader may be challenged at any time in peace.
The leader who reigns poorly is no leader at all. Should your leader prove helpless, it is your duty to challenge him and reign in his stead. This is the law.

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