The Journal of Sandra Lee - Entry Three

No luck at the rendezvous, alas. And there's one minor problem with letting the boy drive the stolen car: you get pulled over. Fortunately, the plainclothes type is somebody I recognize - the guy from getting coffee is Detective Darren Storms when he's out of the Guard livery. We give him the car, the keys, Trench Number One's wallet, and the address of Trench Number Two's corpse. The car's original owner, a Mr. Peter Vincent, will probably be happy to get it back once the glove compartment is empty. Go Go Gadget Gun Disposal.

Back at the ranch, er, the Villa Domina, there's some suit wanting to press kidnaping charges against Julien for kidnaping the son of his or something. We doubletalk him into retreat, compounding the puzzlement over a mislabeled door. Wonder who this Aaron guy is they were looking for. Should be interesting.

... "who" is "the guy hiding in the hallway right upstairs, scared out of his wits." Julien isn't home yet. Thus, my apartment continues to become a flophouse for runaway teenagers. Aaron Frost. Huh.

Turns out that Aaron is looking for Julien because he's scared his dad is going to kill him; he wants to talk to Julien about talking to his dad, Peter Montgomery, the lawyer. I get him to call his Uncle Henry, who comes over to pick him up. Apparently daddy Ethan Frost pulled this with Julien, too; Henry has no idea what mommy Claudine sees in him. But the important thing is dealt with - Henry takes Aaron home with him for the night. Alone at last.


Dinner at the Green Man, with Steve and a new neighbor, Simon, from up on the third floor. Simon's a nocker, with a fascinating pocketwatch, the most complex I've ever seen. Lots of other fae about, predictably - one of the staff has goat legs, and a Scathach from the Guard is in for Guinness.

Paged by Mrs. Appleton & have to go calm the pre-divorcee down. When I get back, our table has doubled. No, really. Two tables shoved next to each other and Simon and Steve have acquired a batch of Asians. Oh, and Julien, Gordon, Henry, and Aaron actually at the table, the Asians are just nearby.

Apparently, Ethan Frost found a floppy full of stories Aaron had downloaded from the Internet - Harry/Draco slash, for God's sake. Ethan tried to hit him. Aaron kicked him in the crotch and ran upstairs to lock himself in his room; Ethan tried to bash down the door, so Aaron packed and ran.

Julien's had a little much, so there's some reshuffling: Eavan's going to be staying up with the McSkeaths for a while, while Aaron takes his place with Julien and Gordon.

I head over to check out the Villa for anyone sent by Frost to stake it out. I don't find anyone, but I do find a rat with a friggin' camera on its back. Clearly I need a little less crack in my beer.

Also run into a Japanese type named Joe something. He's one of the Horde over on the second floor of the old school. He's very pleased about being in America: he doesn't have to pay for love hotels here. I flee promptly to tell the bunch at the Green Man about the cyborg rat. It's a whole lot safer than that conversation with Joe.

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