The Annals of the Silver Lion

As recorded by Lord Julien Marron ap Eiluned, Court Scribe of Caer Leon

Entry the First

Spring Court began today as scheduled, with His Highness, Prince Llew, heir to the ducal throne of SilverWater, presiding.

Matters discussed included the disposition of funds, the upkeep of the baronial seat's furnishings, and the celebration of the upcoming birthday of her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Mab ni Fiona.

Lord Waylon ap Dougal moved that the current living room set in the west wing's sitting room be replaced. Lady Alexandria ni Gwydion, chamberlain of Caer Leon, seconded the motion.

At this time, an individual who was later identified as one Eavan ap Fiona arrived rather suddenly through the window of the great hall, followed shortly thereafter by a number of individuals who seemed to bear a resemblance to the Fomorians of old. Eavan struck these individuals with flames, upon which moment battle ensued.

Sir Kellin ap Scathach quickly mobilized the Baronial Guard to deal with the threat. His Highness called upon the Art of Kings, and all focused their attention upon him. The individuals chasing Eavan were affected as well, and did not long survive the flames. Fortunately for all in the freehold, the sprinkler systems were able to quench the blaze.

Upon being questioned, Eavan revealed that he had been pursued from a nearby house to the freehold, and that he was searching for his sister. Lady Sandra Lee ni Liam was able to ascertain where Eavan had been pursued from, and volunteered to investigate on Eavan's behalf while the youth was properly Sained by Her Highness Princess Niamh ni Eiluned.

After his Saining was complete, Eavan's instruction in the world of the kithain was begun. His Highness, Her Highness and Lady Alexandria served as instructors, with myself there to record the proceedings.

Some time later, Lady Sandra returned with a number of individuals in tow. Among these was Eavan's sister, Sorcha. A good deal of interesting information was exchanged during their reunion.

Lady Sandra and her associates revealed that the mansion from which Eavan and Sorcha had escaped had been abandoned after the rather spectacular events surrounding the twins' escape.

It has been determined that the twins will be taken into protective custody. I offered to watch over Eavan, while Lady Sandra took in Sorcha.

May 10,
in the twenty-third year of the reign of Their Graces Arislan ap Fiona and Rhiannon ni Eiluned,
at Caer Leon,
Barony of the Silver Lion,
Duchy of SilverWater,
Kingdom of Apples

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