The Annals of the Silver Lion

As recorded by Lord Julien Marron ap Eiluned, Court Scribe of Caer Leon

Entry the Second

It is with much worry that I record here that Lady Aeryn ni Scathach, a member of the Baronial Guard, was attacked by a Prodigal and a band of redcaps.

Sir Kellin obtained a statement from Lady Aeryn while visiting her in Georgetown University Hospital, where she had been taken after the attack due in no small part to the timely action of Eavan ap Fiona and Miss Calandra, a satyr acquaintance of Lady Aeryn's.

I know that I speak for many of the kithain of His Highness' court when I say that I send my hopes for a speedy recovery to Lady Aeryn. I have had the opportunity to pay a visit to her in the hospital, and noticed that Eavan has remained by her side since she was brought there.

As the statement that Sir Kellin took from Lady Aeryn is to be used as evidence by the mundane authorities, I was not allowed to examine the documents directly, but our most noble captain of the guard consented to give me a summary of the incident. In brief, Lady Aeryn was ambushed most dishonorably by the group of blackguards as she exited a restaurant in the area the mundanes call "Chinatown." It seems she made a respectable accounting of herself, for she reported that her Prodigal attacker lost an eye to her blade, but it seems that in the end she was overwhelmed by superior numbers. Sir Kellin seemed notably distressed whilst delivering the summary; I believed it was not wise on my part to press him for further details.

May 29,
in the twenty-third year of the reign of Their Graces Arislan ap Fiona and Rhiannon ni Eiluned,
at Caer Leon, Barony of the Silver Lion, Duchy of SilverWater, Kingdom of Apples

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