The Annals of the Silver Lion

As recorded by Lord Julien Marron ap Eiluned, Court Scribe of Caer Leon

Entry the Fourth

I am most pleased to report that His Highness' birthday celebration was an unparalleled success, in the estimation of many who attended.

A number of new members of the barony made their debut at court, among them a Sir Keighvyn ap Scathach and a satyr, Sebastian Larkatos, both late of the County of Buckeyes in the city the mundanes call Columbus, Ohio.

Mention must be made, too, of the number of Prodigals who attended the affair, many of them wolf-changers, and of a few Kinain who were also extended the privilege of attending, among them my own younger sibling, Aaron Frost.

His Highness received a great many gifts. Among the most memorable was an objet d'art formed in the shape of a sphere of agate, deepest blue in color, a gift from Lady Sharanya's aunt, Her Grace the Duchess Lisanietta ni Eiluned, ruler of the Delta Crescent. I have been informed that it shall be residing in His Highness' personal chambers.

While the party was going on, Her Highness, Princess Niamh, was discovered by her associate, the sluagh Hermione, to be among the missing. Lady Aeryn ni Scathach was dispatched to bring Lady Sandra and her associates to Lady Alexandria, as Lady Sandra has proven her skill in investigative techniques upon a great number of occasions.

As I was required to stay behind at Caer Leon, the following report on the investigation was acquired from Lady Aeryn, who accompanied Lady Sandra and her associates as a representative of His Highness' justice, should one be needed.

Lady Sandra, her associates Peter Jones, Zoraya Sharifi, Steve Smith and Horus Shining-Blade, along with Lady Aeryn and Eavan ap Fiona, investigated the baronial gardens. There, they discovered two sets of footprints one small and one large. The smaller footprints bore the faint scent of Her Highness' perfume.

After following the footprints for a time, the group noticed that the smaller set disappeared, though the larger set was still visible. Near the hedge maze, they discovered a cigarette lighter that proved to be imbued with Flicker-Flash. Upon using the lighter, they arrived in a warehouse, where, after a brief investigation, they discovered a number of unsavory types two redcaps, a number of Thallain ogres, and a Thallain beastie.

Lady Aeryn and Eavan attacked the beastie, while the others fought with the ogres and redcaps. It should be recorded here that Lady Sandra and her Prodigal allies fought bravely; it was only with their help that the blackguards were defeated and Her Highness, who was being held nearby, was rescued, along with another kidnap victim, the Lady Anduin McAllister ni Fiona.

With the aid of Sir Gunthar and Lady Drusilla, the blackguards who had kidnaped Her Highness were taken into custody, where they currently await Their Graces' justice. Lady Anduin has been taken into the care of Prince Llew, and given rooms in Caer Leon for the present.

August 2,
in the twenty-third year of the reign of Their Graces Arislan ap Fiona and Rhiannon ni Eiluned,
at Caer Leon, Barony of the Silver Lion, Duchy of SilverWater, Kingdom of Apples

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