Scarlet and Shadow

It began with the discovery of the twins -- one Garou, one Kithain. They told of strange doings by their family, of relatives twisted into mockeries of what they had been, and some which turned out to be something other than human.

Now, the kithain of the Barony of the Silver Lion and the Garou of the Sept of the Silver Horn must unravel the mysteries posed by the pair, and protect them from the forces of Darkness which seem to hound the twins at every turn.

Will they learn the truth? Only time will tell...

Scarlet and Shadow is a tabletop crossover chronicle for Changeling: The Dreaming and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Set in the mythical Village of Lyonsville in Virginia's Fairfax County, it follows the adventures of a mixed group of kithain and Garou as they protect a mysterious pair of twins (a sidhe of House Fiona and his Garou sister) from the predations of their own family, and try to unravel the mysteries that seem to surround the apartment complex where they live.

At the present time, the troupe consists of the following characters:

The following characters are currently on a leave of absence from the game:

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