Packs of the Sept


"Both Wolf and Human, child; these are breeds meant to run in packs. We are of both these races..."

Why the Garou Run In Packs

Guardian Pack

Totem: Bear
Randall Tull, "Stand-Like-a-Mountain", Adren Child of Gaia Ahroun (Alpha and Warder)
Tal Watanabe, "Leaps-Beyond-the-Reach-of-the-Wyrm", Fostern Stargazer Ahroun
Gabriel Moonfang, Fostern Silver Fang Ahroun
Brodir Hated-By-the-Wyrm, Fostern Get of Fenris Ahroun
Mara Strikes-from-the-Shadows, Adren Black Fury Ragabash


Totem: Pegasus
Shakti Ravenwood "True-Strike", Adren Black Fury Philodox (Alpha)
Jo Brill, "Whiplash", Adren Glass Walker Galliard
Patricia Davis, "Biohazard", Adren Glass Walker Galliard
Illyana Philotides, "Darkclaw", Adren Black Fury Ahroun
Kelly Hunter, "Blessed-of-Luna", Fostern Black Fury Theurge

The Fist of Heaven

Totem: Grandfather Thunder
Derek Starvos "Merciless-Stroke-of-Lightning", Adren Shadow Lord Ahroun (Alpha)
Janosz Marinescu, "Voice-of-Thunder", Cliath Shadow Lord Theurge
Fergus MacLeod, "Gaia's-Retribution", Fostern Fianna Philodox

The Hart's Chosen

Totem: Stag
Duncan mac Rhiannon, "Gathers-the-Herd", Fostern Fianna Galliard (Alpha)
Diana Ryan, "Claws-of-Luna", Fostern Black Fury Ahroun
Christopher Ryan, "Slays-the-Shadows", Fostern Child of Gaia Ahroun
Miria Okami, "Rides-the-Storm", Fostern Hakken Philodox
Lief Bjornson "Wrestles-the-Giant", Fostern Get of Fenris Ragabash
Sorcha O'Connell, "Walks-With-the-Good-Folk", Cliath Fianna Theurge

The Trailblazers

Totem: Fox
Alix Andersson, "Rockarm", Cliath Get of Fenris Ahroun (Alpha)
Sarah Asagiri, "Heart-of-Fire", Cliath Black Fury Galliard
Nerissa Elliott, "Mends-the-Rifts", Cliath Child of Gaia Philodox
Tatiana Andreevna Grushenko, "Sees-Into-Darkness", Cliath Silver Fang Theurge
Jotaro ("Joe") Asakura, "Bringer-of-Storms", Cliath Hakken Ragabash

Gaia's Open Hand

Totem: Bear
Ben Dargo, "Darkness-Brings-Light", Cliath Child of Gaia Galliard (Alpha)
Arianna Tull, "Bears-The-Light", Cliath Child of Gaia Theurge
Sonja Kerrigan, "Nightstalker", Cliath Black Fury Ragabash
Faith Summers, "Stands-Defiant", Cliath Black Fury Ahroun
Finnian Tull "Points-the-Way", Cliath Fianna Ragabash

The Bridge Builders

Totem: Shantar, the Loom Maker
Steve Smith, "Startup", Cliath Glass Walker Ragabash
Katya Nadasdy, "Stormeye", Cliath Shadow Lord Philodox
Peter Jones, "Plays-With-Toys", Cliath Glass Walker Gallliard
Zoraya Sharifi, "Eset Treads-Softly", Cliath Silent Strider Theurge (currently on leave of absence)
Horus "Shining-Blade", Cliath Silent Strider Ahroun (currently on leave of absence)

The quote at the top of this page was taken from page 7 of the Werewolf Player's Guide (First Edition), copyright 1993 by White Wolf Game Studios. Werewolf: The Apocalypse and all breed, auspice and tribe names are copyright © 1991by White Wolf Game Studios. No copyright infringement is intended.

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