Scarlet and Shadow

Quote Page

"I need to find my sister!"
"You need to find your shirt."
---Exchange between Eavan ap Fiona and Sandra Lee of House Liam, after Eavan's arrival at Caer Leon, and a remark about the condition of his clothes

"I promise he won't hurt you -- he's a big teddy bear, really."
"But he doesn't have a fuzzy nose."
--Exchange between Lord Julien ap Eiluned and Eavan, re, Sir Gunthar Mountaincrusher

"Julien is busily taking notes as you speak."
"Ah, yes...Julien, the scribe."
"Julien, the Eiluned."
---Exchange between the GM and Sandra's player, re, Julien's actions during Eavan and his sister Sorcha's reunion (and the GM pointing out Julien's membership in the House of Secrets)

"I'm looking out for Sorcha. I'm sure Julian is doing all the looking Eavan needs."
---Sandra, to Steve "Startup" Smith, Glass Walker Ragabash, on keeping the twins under surveillance

"The apartment is remarkably clean for a couple of bachelors."
"Especially considering their age."
"Yes, but there's a troll living there. If it weren't clean, I'd worry."
---Exchange between the GM, Eavan's player, and Sandra's player (respectively), re, the condition of Julian (Julien) and Gordon (Gunthar)'s apartment, and the tendency of trolls to let the conditions of their living quarters deteriorate when upset

"He'll live."
"Until something else happens to him."
---An exchange regarding Steve administering first aid to one of the individuals responsible for shooting Eavan and Sorcha's parents, after his clothes and gun had caught fire from Eavan's Pyretics cantrip

---Steve's name for Lillith ni Scathach

"Isn't it a shame? No health insurance card."
---Sandra, remarking on the contents of the wallet belonging to the surviving gunman as the characters questioned him

"Someone Gordon's size is wonderful for --"
"I don't want to know any more. Ever."
---Exchange between Julien and Sandra, involving a misunderstanding involving Julien's reference to intimidation being mistaken for something else

"'Can't write now. Must go help Uncle Henri interrogate thug...'"
---Sandra's player, imagining out loud Julien's possible next diary entry following the session where the Eiluned offered to have his uncle help interrogate the surviving gunman

"Just out of curiosity, is there a program in the area for the disposal of found firearms?"
---Sandra, to troll police detective (and member of the ducal guard) Darren Storms (Sir Darius Stormfront), upon being told the car she and Steve had appropriated from Eavan and Sorcha's attackers was stolen, and upon finding the thug's gun in the glove box

"'Hi, this is the superintendent. I'm not in right now, but if you'll leave your apartment number and the nature of your problem, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If it's an emergency, call this number...' Or you can just yell real loud and hope one of your neighbors hears you..."
"Considering the supernatural density in this building, yelling would be more effective."
---Eavan's and Sandra's players, joking about the absence of the apartment superintendent (an absent PC), and the message Simon might have encountered on his answering machine

"All the pretty boys...and all of them like other pretty boys, dammit."
---Sandra, making an observation about Julien, Eavan, and Julien's newly-encountered younger brother, Aaron Frost

"I've spent the past two sessions dealing with thugs, ashes of thugs, a thug in the trunk, and now, the little brother of the thug's interrogator."
---Sandra's player, catching up a new player after her encounter with Aaron

"They look better as mortals than I do with supernatural assistance!"
---Sandra's player, making a comment on her character's physical beauty versus that of the other sidhe in the game

"You're too young to be reading those stories. Now, continue with your story, please."
---Steve, upon hearing from Aaron that he'd been kicked out of the house by his father for reading Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy "slash" fanfiction

"It's not always this interesting around here...just this week."
---Sandra, catching up Simon

"Joe's the odd man matter how you mean that."
---Eavan's player and the GM, re, Hakken Ragabash Jotaro "Joe" Asakura (the only male member of his pack, the only man in his apartment, and the only one sleeping in the apartment's third bedroom)

"Hi. Is that your cyborg?"
---Sandra, to Joe Asakura, re, the rat with a camera (!) seen creeping around the Villa Domina

"Now all I can think of is a rat in a little ninja outfit."
---Conversation between Eavan's and Sandra's players, re, Sandra discovering the camera-bearing rat, and Sandra's player displaying her affection for the works of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

"They're playing Musical Pretty Boys."
---The GM making a comment to Eavan's player, re, Aaron moving in with Julien and Gunthar and Eavan moving in with Lady Aeryn ni Scathach

"It's simple enough that you can teach an idiot to use it!"
---Sandra's player, re, the Liam P.I.'s combination printer/copier/scanner

"I need a drink."
"Soft, hard, or knock-you-out?"
"Again -- soft, hard, or knock-you-out?"
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, after Sandra had been awakened early in the morning and then awakened again a bit later

"They want to talk to Sorcha to get an audience with her cousin, the Presidential advisor, so they can influence foreign policy with the Middle East and North Korea."
"Toss me one of them beers."
---Sandra, explaining the reason for Japanese policewoman (and Hakken) Yuki Inuyama's visit to her apartment, and Steve's response

"That avian knows more about computers than I do."
"Good bird!"
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, re, the raven who appeared at Steve's window and then started playing Arcanum on one of the Glass Walker's computers

"Welcome to Spook Central."
"I hate that movie."
(Blank look from Steve)
"So, who you gonna call?"
"Us. Pity us."
---Exchange between Sandra and Steve

"How much of the complex do you have wired?"
"Just the outside."
"Good. 'Cause if you had anything in my bathroom, I'd have to kill you immediately."
---Exchange between Sandra and Steve, after she discovered he'd set up surveillance cameras outside the Villa Domina

"Knocking (or ringing) may merit death penalty."
---Sign on Sandra's door after she went back to bed following the events detailed above

"We're not cyberpunk yet -- you can't take it out of my skull."
---Sandra, responding to Steve's request for some information

"He turned the original into a freaking hiptop!"
---Sandra's player, after being informed that Steve had bought Glass Walker Galliard Plays-With-Toys a new Gameboy

"I set it up with lots of nudie pics of wolves."
"Are there any other kind?"
---Steve's player, describing the computer Steve set up for Plays-With-Toys, and the GM's response

"Do we have any criteria, like how much they suck?"
---Plays-With-Toys' question while doing research on pro wrestling fansites

"The way this is sounding, it's entirely possible he bit it off himself."
---Sandra, on hearing that the group's quarry, a Garou wrestler (?!?) named Marc Bladeheart, had lost an arm

"What was he supposed to be doing while he was wrecking your life?"
---Sandra's question to Bladeheart's former employer, private investigator Miles J. Tull

"It isn't your fault that your planet is only the size of one of Neptune's storms. Poor Gaia -- she's such a stunted little thing."
---Sandra's player's comment while running Shantar, the Loom Maker (Incarna of Neptune) for the GM

"Wow, cool vocabulary -- I even learned a new word!"
---Comment by Plays-With-Toys, re, hearing an exasperated Sandra's exclamations

"You could make a couple of handkerchiefs out of what Katya's wearing..."
---Comment from Sandra's player, re, the outfit Katya "Stormeye" Nadasdy wore to draw out Marc Bladeheart

"I have an image of the women dressing Katya and having a conversation like, 'These earrings?' 'No, they're not slutty enough...'"
---Sandra's player, making further humorous comments on Katya's attire

"Now you, too, have wireless Internet!"
---Sandra's player, to Steve's player, re, the Glass Walker's new handheld computer

"You're still thinking of this as a sporting event. It's not -- it's a soap opera for guys."
---Sandra attempting to explain professional wrestling to Lady Aeryn

"You're not allowed to stick your head out the car window on the way home."
---Sandra reprimanding Plays-With-Toys

"He doesn't have to have heard it -- you don't think they pick their own, do you?"
---Sandra's player, to Steve's player, re, disputes about Bladeheart's wrestling theme song

"Does anyone expect him to survive long enough to get to trial?"
---Sandra's observation about Bladeheart

"Does that metal plate go all the way through her skull?"
---Sandra's player, on why it took so long for Sandra to cast a Wayfare cantrip

"I'm never taking you along again, Eavan -- you can't behave yourself..."
---Sandra's exasperated comment after Eavan set Bladeheart's Black Spiral ally on fire

"Surrender, and we won't give you to her."
---Sandra, to Bladeheart's redcap ally, re, Aeryn disemboweling the werewolf and then stabbing him in the heart (all inside of about ten seconds)

"I don't ask, I don't pry -- mostly."
"Says the guy with the cameras all over the apartment complex."
---Exchange between Steve's player and Eavan's player following the defeat of Bladeheart

"Sandra tries to contact a certain beleaguered police detective to tell him it has nothing to do with stolen cars this time..."
---Sandra's player, re, the Liam contacting troll police detective Darren Storms (aka Sir Darius Stormfront) about Aaron Frost being missing

"Sandra resists the urge to mutter under her breath, 'This is so stupid...'"
---Sandra's player, making a comment on Eset Treads-Softly, Theurge of the Bridge Builders, using the Rite of the Questing Stone to find Aaron

"At least [Gordon] didn't ask for my sacred collection."
"What's that?"
"Jolt cola."
"Oh, God."
---Conversation between Steve's player and Sandra's player, re, Steve offering drinks to everyone in the apartment, and Gordon choosing a Coke

"I only speak dead languages."
"Aren't those the ones nobody speaks anymore?"
"Then how do you speak them?"
"So you're a zombie linguist -- that's gross."
---Conversation between Steve and Sandra, re, no one else understanding Hamaji Kagami and Jun Shiratori conversing in Japanese

"Steve -- inadvertent porn king."
---Comment by Sandra's player, re, the group meeting up in a convenience store on an investigation and the Glass Walker watching Plays-With-Toys and Jun Shiratori looking at adult magazines

"What are you doing with Julian's underwear?"
"Found them outside the window of the trailer. Not that I mind, but I know you don't swing that way." (handing the aforementioned boxers in a plastic evidence bag to Julian)
---Conversation between Gordon and Sandra, re, the Liam detective discovering a pair of boxer shorts that turned out to be Julian's outside the trailer where Aaron was imprisoned

"This way we won't have Peter asking questions every five minutes."
---Sandra expressing her approval of Plays-With-Toys taking lupus form for the investigation

"I was going to ask you for descriptions, but you'd say that they had two arms and think it was enough."
---Sandra assessing her chances of getting a viable description of the people who took a blood sample from him from Plays-with-Toys

"[Julian] has two names?"
"Maybe I should get another one."
"Ask Jun."
"Just don't ask her for hers."
---Steve explaining the human concept of family names to Plays-with-Toys, and Sandra's caveat

"Do not taunt Happy Fun-Khan."
---The GM's tongue-in-cheek advice on dealing with weretiger Kuang Shixuang after Plays-with-Toys referred to him as a "Tigger"

"Peter needs to learn that this is what happens when he eats bugs -- they get revenge!"
---Sandra's assessment of the Eight Virtues sentai's battle with a Kumo werespider

"I have a satyr moving in across the hall from me..."
---Sandra's grim observation about the arrival of satyr Ginny Benson and her mortal roommate, Lance Anders

"We have a nymph moving in."
"That would explain the amount of time she spends in the bathroom..."
---Steve's assessment upon observing Ginny pirouetting in the living room, and Lance's response

"Move furniture for them once, and they'll expect it from you forever."
---Sandra's assessment of Steve's contemplating helping Lance and Ginny move in

"I hear they make noise-cancelling headphones -- I need a pair."
---Sandra, to Steve, following Lance and Ginny moving in

"My car broke."
"'It's sad -- it was so cute!'"
---Plays-With-Toys, remarking on the demise of his radio-controlled car with the implanted camera, and Sandra's player's additional comment

"'Magadon?' Isn't that one of those robot toys?"
---Sandra, upon being shown a letter written on Magadon letterhead by Steve

"The accelerated computer classes meet even during the summer."
"Yes, because they don't want to be away from their precious electrons."
---Nocker Aimee Anderson helping Sandra follow a lead, and the Liam P.I.'s response

"No one should eat my pets."
---Plays-With-Toys on the evils of cannibalism

"I don't think I've ever heard of anyone using a Crinos as a stepladder before, but I could be wrong."
---Sandra's player, on her character's novel way to get to a second-story window with help from Steve

"Sandra is searching the house with gloves on, and with her hair in a net."
"That's why I'm still outside -- I'm now one big ball of hair."
---Sandra's player describing her character's searching a house, and Steve's player's response

"Puffball Crinos?"
"Poodle Crinos?"
---Light-hearted exchange between players, re, Steve's player's "big ball of hair" remark (above)

"He's not that good with the non-literal."
"I'm not that good with novels either."
---Sandra apologizing for Plays-With-Toys misunderstanding a conversation, and the Lupus Glass Walker's response

"I have a vision of Marcie's toolbox containing nothing but a big hammer..."
---Sandra's player making an observation about the Villa Domina's nocker super

"Places where mortals can't see it, huh? That would be, like, sewers, underground..."
(Pretending to cough) "This apartment complex..."
---Steve and Sandra, discussing places that the golem Steve found plans for in a curio shop would be able to function

"They don't allow dogs here."
"Since when?"
"Sorry Steve, you're going to have to move."
"After you."
"'Bitch' is supposed to be figurative in my case."
---Conversation between Marcy, Steve and Sandra, re, the Villa Domina's pet policy

"I'm the only person in this room who doesn't turn into a giant nightmare plushie."
---Sandra's assessment of the 'council of war' in Steve's apartment after the group discovered a list containing the names of several local shape-shifters

"It's Clark Kent!"
---Sandra's player, after being informed that a mysterious stranger encountered by the group who might be Lillith ("Batwoman")'s boss was wearing glasses

"If one of them isn't delinquent enough to start your car, I'd be disappointed."
---Sandra, on Lady Aeryn, Eavan and Plays-With-Toys, after she, Steve and Eset left the other three behind following a Portal Passage to safety after a rescue mission

"I'm never reproducing!"
"By the way, here's a baby."
"No thanks, I'm not hungry."
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, re, Sandra's apartment becoming "a flophouse for runaway teenagers" of late

"I've given up on all of the men in the apartment building as either taken or gay."
---Sandra's pessimistic assessment of her neighbors

"I want to be awake at 6 a.m. to annoy people -- they are going to share my pain!"
---Sandra's reason for going to bed early the evening of Julien's birthday party

"Be cheerful to Sandra at your own risk."
---Sandra's player warning Horus Shining Blade's player about greeting the Liam

"Why were they videotaping [Sandra's] bathroom?"
"They have no taste in women?"
"Well, yeah, I give 'em that, but..."
---Silent Strider Ahroun Horus Shining Blade and Steve, trying to find out why two wererats were videotaping Sandra in her bathroom

"If you're not one of us, what are you?"
"She's a girl, dummy!"
---Horus attempting to discover Sandra's species, and Plays-With-Toys' answer

"Bless you."
---Horus, after being introduced to Katya Nadasdy

"The Apartment Complex of Doom."
---Sandra's player's tongue-in-cheek term for the Villa Domina

"Basically, she has good FX."
---Sandra's player, explaining to Horus' player about the supernatural beauty of the sidhe in faerie mien

"Aeryn and 'The Dark;' she should never move to Iceland."
---Sandra's assessment of Lady Aeryn's mention of her vow to fight "The Dark."

"Yes, Master."
"Thank you, slave."
"I believe the word you want is 'Igor.'"
"Ooo! Let's play 'Mad Scientist!'"
"No, that's what they're doing."
---Conversation between Steve, Plays-With-Toys, and Sandra, re, the letters the group found about people with "interesting blood work" (all were-creatures)

"'Have fun stormin' the castle!'"
---Sandra quoting The Princess Bride as the Bridge Builders went off to combat evil

"My mind's going in all sorts of wrong directions."
"Ysolde's good for that."
---Conversation between Steve's player and Sandra's player, re, the arrival of eshu information broker Ysolde Nyx

"The Teeth Bigger Than Its Mouth Thing"
---Sandra's nickname for Talyn the Fir Bholg

"Sandra's two guesses as to what's on the floor when Talyn's there are bodily waste or a dead squirrel."
---Sandra's player, after Sandra had been awakened by Talyn to practice his greeting skills

"I hope Talyn doesn't eat him..."
---Sandra's observation on seeing Talyn accompanying Aaron into his apartment

"Clearly, this is someone's idea of a prank."
---Sandra's interpretation of a bouquet of flowers from "[her] Secret Admirer" being left outside her apartment door

"I'd be careful bringing Steve a bouquet of roses."
"Why? Is he going to eat them all?"
---Conversation between Sandra and Plays-With-Toys, re, Plays deciding to take Sandra's bouquet up to Steve's apartment

"Why don't you give the roses to Jun?"
"Hey, yeah! Then she could eat some, too!"
---Exchange between Steve and Plays, re, the disposition of Sandra's abandoned bouquet

"My money's on Talyn."
"Oh, dear God -- if it is, I'm moving!"
---Steve and Sandra trying to determine the identity of Sandra's secret admirer

"Fuck off and die!"
"You're not that pretty."
"Did I say with me? I meant with a chainsaw!"
"Sorry, it's not my type."
"Okay, how about a chainsaw with a red wig?"
"That's much better. By the way, you have a guest."
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve immediately following Steve escorting sluagh Myrna Breckinridge to Sandra's door

"Oh, God -- someone sear that image out of my mind with a home trepanning kit and a blowtorch."
---Sandra, picturing sluagh, sidhe and pooka in carnal congress

"I'm thinking about making moving plans."
"At that point, you see a group of movers coming down the hall."
"I didn't mean it!"
---Conversation between Sandra and the GM, as Sandra and Steve witnessed movers delivering Aaron Frost's belongings to his new apartment

"I'm not scared of the nightmare plushies or the young people. I'm scared that we always end up having to haul bodies around in the trunk."
---Sandra's player, explaining why the Liam P.I. was taking her own car on a stakeout as opposed to traveling in Steve's station wagon

"Letters? I know all twenty-four -- or was it twenty-six?"
---Plays-With-Toys, mistaking references to correspondence with those to letters of the alphabet

"The hairy human house."
---Plays-With-Toys' name for the monkey house at the zoo

"Mmm...eye candy."
---Sandra's assessment of vampire Armand de Valois

"In Sandra's case, the not getting hit on is to be expected."
---Sandra's player's remark as to why her character remained unmolested at The Vampire Lestat

"Why's the troll living with him? Is he a bodyguard or something?"
"That's his lover."
"Don't ask me how it works -- I don't ever want to know."
---Conversation between Horus' player, Steve's player, and Sandra's player, re, the specifics of Julien and Gunthar's relationship

"Talyn got attacked by something pale, cold, fast, and clawed. I'm going out looking for it."
---Horus, displaying typical Ahroun bravado to Sandra

"You see Ben's rear end as he disappears into his apartment with a folded-up stretcher and a medical kit."
"Okay, now I'm scarred for life."
---Conversation between Eavan's player (playing an NPC for the GM) and Sandra's player, re, metis Garou Benjamin "Darkness-Brings-Light" Dargo's propensity to disdain clothing

"Why don't any of the women except Ginny walk around naked?"
"Because one of them is Sandra. Next question?"
---Steve lamenting the proliferation of clothing-optional behavior among his male neighbors, and Sandra's player's response

"I've seen enough naked men for one night. I'm going to bed -- after I check out some female porn sites."
---Steve's solution to the paucity of clothing-optional behavior among his female neighbors

"'The honor of your presence is requested...,' i.e., commanded..."
---Sandra, interpreting the wording of an invitation to Prince Llew ap Fiona's birthday party

"Take Plays-With-Toys."
"Don't tempt me! Actually, I'm tempted to take The Foundling."
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, re, Sandra's invitation for herself and a guest to attend Prince Llew's birthday party

"Sandra is looking painfully resigned..."
---Sandra's player describing the Liam's expression upon hearing of Prince Llew's birthday party

"It's time to visit Steve, because, well, I'm out of alcohol and he's probably not."
---Sandra's method of dealing with the invitation to Prince Llew's party

"Those tapes are for Plays-With-Toys."
"What, nature videos?"
---Steve and Sandra discussing Steve's video collection

"My Palm Pilot has more computing power than this thing!"
---Steve's observation upon being called in to upgrade the ancient computer responsible for security at Caer Leon

"You know perfectly well that Julian is the secretary."
---Sandra's player, re, Steve wondering if Robur Dwyn, squire to Prince Llew, was the secretary at Caer Leon

"It came with lots and lots of these things."
---Plays-With-Toys, digging a new electronic toy out of a box filled with styrofoam peanuts

"The Lupus has a credit card. Be very afraid."
---The GM, on Plays-With-Toys' revelation that he had a credit card of his own

"I see he's still having trouble with the concept of 'money.'"
"I think he's still having trouble with the concept of arithmetic."
---Conversation between Horus and Sandra, re, Plays-With-Toys not entirely grasping the concept of paying for things bought on credit

"Sandra's not going to even try to explain 'fraud' to a Lupus."
---Sandra's player, re, Plays-With-Toys' credit card woes

"We need to whore him out and make some money."
"Stop looking at me!"
---Steve's plan to help Plays with his credit card debts, Plays' response, and Sandra's rejoinder

"You don't get the card back until you pay the bill."
"That's okay, I'll just use the other one."
"What other one?"
---Conversation between Sandra and Plays about his credit card purchases

"Don't worry, martial artists don't have to remove their hands."
---Sandra explaining Caer Leon's "no weapons" policy to Plays

"Do they have valet parking, I wonder?"
"If they did, it would probably be a nocker doing it, and you'd probably rather park your own car."
"True. Okay, no valet parking then."
---Conversation between the GM and Eavan's player, on whether or not Caer Leon was providing valet parking for Prince Llew's birthday party

"Can we do that again?"
"Yes, on the way back -- only with a lot more swerving."
---Conversation between Plays and Sandra on her driving to Prince Llew's birthday party

"Plays-With-Toys actually knows how to use silverware."
"Sandra's not concerned -- some of the fae don't know how to use silverware."
---Conversation between Plays' player and Sandra's player, re, Prince Llew's birthday dinner

"Look at it this way --the worst thing that can happen is that you'll screw up so badly you'll impress a redcap."
---Sandra, to new arrival Sir Keighvyn ap Scathach, re, Keighvyn's questions about how to eat one of the artichoke hearts served at Prince Llew's birthday dinner

"We talk through our computers, and then it goes straight into our minds."
"So you're cyborg nightmare plushies."
"I wish."
---Steve explaining his and Plays' use of the Mindspeak Gift to Horus, Sandra's observation, and Plays' response

"Oh, good. I get to be with the sensible one."
---Sandra's player's observation about Sandra traveling to a crime scene with Eset

"I punch the door down!"
"What happened to stealth?!?"
"I think it went bye-bye."
"Remind me to kill him later."
---Conversation between Horus' player, Steve's player, and Plays' player as the group checked out the crime scene, and Steve's player's proposed response to the situation

"The first words going through Sandra's head -- 'Thulsa Doom!'"
---Sandra's player's comment on the group encountering a serpentine Beastie

"Cat fight!"
"No, the weretiger isn't here."
---Sandra's player's comment on fighting a female redcap, and the GM's response

"Did someone see if there were any other doors in this room?"
"No, 'cause someone charged in before we could check things out..."
---Conversation between Horus' player and Eavan's player, re, the group looking for kidnapped fae at the crime scene

"Everyone wanted to go back to the party and be with, y'know, the good-looking chicks."
---Sandra's player, on why everyone else went back to the party while Sandra stayed behind at the crime scene

"I show her what three points of Stamina means!"
---Steve's player, re, Steve's night with Rowena ni Fiona after Prince Llew's birthday party

"I hardly know you!"
"Yes, but you can get to know her much better this way!"
---Keighvyn, attempting to ward off Lady Branwyn ni Gwydion's seduction attempts, and his satyr friend Sebastian Larkatos' response

"Where is Plays?"
"I'm wondering that, too, since Sandra entrusted watching him to other people."
---Conversation between Steve's player and Sandra's player, re, Plays' location during the aftermath of Prince Llew's birthday party

"Does Plays find someone to play with?"
---Horus' player, re, Plays after Prince Llew's party

"Horus comes home exhausted, but very happy."
---The GM describing the aftermath of Horus' encounter with two satyrs

"'Unless the Wyrm's attacking, don't get me up!'"
---Steve's player, describing Horus' attitude the morning after the Ahroun's encounter with two satyrs

"The 'Save Pete' Fund."
"You mean, the 'Oh, Lord, Peter has credit cards, plural' fund?"
---Steve's player, describing the fund the Glass Walker computer consultant set up for his lupus packmate's credit card management, and Plays' player's response

"There is mock fencing with the knife and the folder."
---Sandra's player describing a morning encounter between Sandra and Steve

"Horus wants to...rob a house, was it?"
"No, I want to go check it out."
"Rob a house, gotcha."
---Conversation between Steve and Horus, explaining Horus' desire to do some reconnaissance, and Sandra's response

"Why would you want to walk in the first place?"
---Sandra's question after hearing Steve and Horus discuss whether to drive to a location or to travel through the Umbra (and not understanding about the Garou's ability to do the latter)

"Anybody watching Sandra the next time it rains will see her stalking the puddles around the Villa Domina."
---Sandra's player, after the Liam was informed of the Garou's ability to enter the Umbra using reflective surfaces

"How's she doing, Pete?"
"Peter names a location in an online game."
---E-mail message from Steve to Plays, on the lupus' encounter with Aimee, and Plays' player's response

"I'm the new guy, so I got sent on the wild dog chase."
---Police officer Kevin Drake (a/k/a Keighvyn ap Scathach), explaining to the characters what he was doing near the warehouse they were investigating (investigating a 'wild dog' attack)

"We're trying not to look like Dungeons and Dragons adventurers!"
---Sandra's player, on the characters' actions at a moving sale at the location they were investigating for clues

"Can you drive?"
"Good, 'cause I can't!"
---Conversation between Horus and Sandra as they followed a suspect

"If we start mucking around without knowing what's going on, we could start a war."
"That'd be bad."
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, upon the group's discovery that their suspect was a German diplomat

"Sometimes I wish this was still consecrated ground."
---Sandra's observation after finding vampire Louis de Valmont visiting the Villa Domina

"I take it Sandra's going to have a talk with Horus?"
"You say, 'talk,' as if it's not going to involve knives."
---Conversation between the GM and Sandra's player, re, a disagreement between Sandra and Horus

"At least you know she's awake..."
---Plays' player, re, Sandra's outburst of profanity upon Steve's knocking at her door

"You'll get Horus chasing you."
"And then I can shoot him in the head -- next question?"
---Exchange betweeen Steve and Sandra just after his waking her up

"How about you and Talyn?"
"How about 'me and nobody in this apartment building,' thank you!"
---Steve attempting to have a little fun playing matchmaker, and Sandra's exasperated response

"Now she has to care!"
---Plays' player, upon Sandra discovering that Keighvyn had been taken to Georgetown University Hospital (where supernaturals' medical records had been leaked from in a previous game) after being injured by a "wild animal" (read, rogue Garou) attack

"There've probably been better-looking corpses."
---Sandra's player's assessment of Sandra's appearance after having been awakened in the middle of the night

"You realize that if you keep up those comments, you'll get your PDA stuck somewhere you don't want it."
---Sandra commenting on Steve's ribbing her about Keighvyn's apparent crush on her

"I'm glad Sandra's car is on hand -- there's something very useful in the glove compartment: caffeine pills!"
---Sandra's player, on Sandra and Steve bringing a sleepy Plays and Eset in on tracking the rogue Garou

"Humans are weird!"
"Can't blame you there..."
---Plays commenting on the eccentricity of humans, and Sandra's response

"Kellin would kill us."
"I'm more worried about being killed."
---Sandra's assessment of going after the rogue Garou without the members of the FBI Supernatural Task Force assigned to the investigation present, and Plays' response

"You've gotta be better than Steve!"
---Plays, to Eset, on her tracking skill (and showing a Lupus' bias about Homids)

"Now I know why you guys went into this line of work!"
---Sandra, expressing admiration for the high-powered tasers and riot armor used by the Supernatural Task force to help take down the rogue Garou

"We send Sandra in, lock the door behind her, and leave! Do we get our XP now?"
---Steve's player's lighthearted comment on the group's plan to allow Sandra to vamp the rogue Garou and lure him out where the others could deal with him

"We wait until Sandra puts out, and then take him down."
---Steve's player's further lighthearted comment on the group's plan to deal with the rogue Garou

"Sandra actually feels a kinship for Rick right now..."
---Sandra's player, on Supernatural Task Force agent Rick Hunter's startled reaction to Plays' use of Mindspeech, and Sandra's similar reaction earlier

"Ooo, caffeine jitters. Or maybe it's just the electroshock therapy..."
---Plays' comment after having been in the line of fire of a high-powered taser during the group's capture of the rogue Garou

"Do I get people asking me for S.O.W.?"
---Steve's player, on the medieval mileau of a dreamscape (maintainer's note: reference the Everquest game for an explanation of S.O.W. (Spirit of Wolf))

"You're cute, you're sexy, you almost remind me of Sandra, but I'm not gonna go there."
---Steve's player's assessment of Lady Siobhan ni Liam (a previous incarnation of Sandra)

"Oh, darn...the officious-looking sidhe is not getting nailed up."
---Eavan's player, on the officious-looking sidhe nailing up a reward notice in the inn in a dream sequence

"One of these days, I gotta learn Celtic."
"Why? So you can be eaten by blue-painted savages? If so," (Siobhan points to Gunthar) "we can arrange it."
---Conversation between Steve and Siobhan in the dream sequence

"If this has anything to do with perverse sexual practices, I don't want to know."
---Sandra's response after hearing from the Supernatural Task Force that the rogue Garou had wounds stapled shut on his lower back, chest and abdomen

"Diaper Change Attack! Roll Stamina."
"Am I in Crinos?"
"No, you've been stunned."
---Conversation between Sandra's player, Steve's player, and Eavan's player, on Sandra's player's suggestion to buy The Foundling as a chimerical companion

"Sandra: the tactful, courteous member of the group...Now that I think of it, she is the tactful member of the group."
---Sandra's player, explaining group dynamics to a new player

"Cool! We finally have someone who's actually sneaky!"
---Sandra's player expressing her approval of the addition of Armond La Fontaine, pooka cat burglar, to the group

"Every NPC FBI agent [was] on the scene."
---Sandra's player, relating the capture of a Lunatic Garou to Armond's player

"Steve has a sex life again!"
"Well, if you can have one, there's hope for us all."
---Steve's player's comment about the Ragabash's relationship with Lady Rowena ni Fiona, and Sandra's rejoinder

"You, too, can live next to the vampire horror writer and the vampire FBI agent!"
---Sandra's player, to Armond's player, on Armond choosing an apartment (and on vampires Rick and Chelsea Hunter living in #13)

"No, just French."
---Conversation between Horus' player and Armond, re, Armond's French accent

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to knock."
(knocking) "Yeah, I'd like a Pentium 8 with about five gigabytes of RAM..."
---Conversation between Armond and Steve, upon Armond first moving in

"It says [to use] blue or black ink -- it says nothing about the ink having glitter in it."
---Sandra jerking the chain of the FBI agent sent to retrieve the equipment lent to the group by the Supernatural Task Force

"That woman should hire herself out to jewelers."
"I'm pretty sure she shits diamonds."
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, re, the very businesslike demeanor of FBI Agent Benn (the one sent to pick up the equipment loaned to the group)

"Just ignore thirty percent of what he says. Then you'll only have ninety percent of it to be offended by."
---Sandra's advice to Armond about talking to Steve

"The way things have been going, it'll be about three days before someone turns into a half-human/half-tiger in front of you."
---Sandra explaining to Armond about the high density of supernatural tenants in the Villa Domina

"We got a flock of college students in -- and they're mortal, so we have to be careful."
---Sandra, to the rest of the group, on the necessity of upholding the Veil and the Rite of Ignorance

"The third floor is safely occupied with supernatural beings."
---Sandra's player, reassuring the other players about the third floor of the former school

"I haven't seen Ginny naked yet..."
"You're the only one!"
---Conversation between Steve and Sandra, re, satyr Ginny Benson's propensity for clothing-optional behavior

"Someone needs to teach this boy about heat sinks."
"Someone needs to give this boy some physics lessons."
---Conversation between Horus and Sandra, after the two of them witnessed the aftermath of Plays overclocking a computer and starting a fire in his apartment

"We are not experimenting on the neighbors!"
---Sandra admonishing Steve about trying to see what would happen if Armond tried to use a jade talisman that Horus found

"There's no one in the trunk this week."
---Sandra, on her car during a recent adventure

"Okay, so she had a few brushes with the law. But she's such a fine, upstanding young lady now!"
"Yes -- with a great big ax!"
---Plays' player, on Congressman (and Shadow Lord Ahroun) Derek Starvos' attempt to rectify the damage done by the revelation that Black Fury Ahroun Faith Summers was his illegitimate daughter, and Sandra's response

"He's a Shadow Lord -- he'll screw everybody."
"Yes -- as opposed to his opponent, who'll kill everybody and then screw the corpses!"
---Horus and Sandra, debating the merits of Derek Starvos versus his opponent, Alyana Du Prey

"See what you get by saving the world instead of chasing the girls?"
---Sandra's player, teasing Horus' player about the Silent Strider losing the affections of new tenant Michiko ("Mickey") Hayase to Sebastian Larkatos

"Sandra just got the Scene Realm. 'Quicksilver on how many Crinos?'"
---Sandra's player, explaining an XP expenditure

"Look at it this way -- it's not any of your pack; they were all gone."
---Sandra's player, to Steve's player, on the police car the two saw outside the Villa Domina (and on Steve and his pack being at a moot that evening)

"Why do I foresee Sandra being drafted to take Plays to Dulles?"
---Comment by Sandra's player after Plays obtained a remote-control spy plane

"I just look for the guys with pocket protectors and taped glasses."
---Steve's player, on searching for the computer department at Georgetown University

"If you listen real close, it's binary code!"
---Sandra's player, on the sounds made by a Pattern Spider

"I get a mental picture of spiders jumping up and down, waving their legs and going, 'Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!'"
---The GM's description of the scene after Steve asked for a Pattern Spider to inhabit his Palm Pilot

"Kellin, you realize this is like role-playing accountants."
---Sandra's opinion of fae playing "Dungeons and Dragons"

"Don't worry, the only time we eat crow is in a metaphor."
"Her, all the time."
"Shut up."
---Sandra reassuring Jun that the eggs Steve served for breakfast were not Jun's relatives, Steve teasing Sandra, and Sandra's response

"It's the Southern lady thing, plus the sidhe thing."
"Put them together -- doom."
---The GM describing the reason for Branwyn's behavior, and Sandra's player's response

"Hey, this looks better than fish heads!"
---Kazumi exclaiming over the breakfast Steve had prepared for himself and his neighbors

"Since you're doing it at the spirit level, you don't have to worry about incompatible protocols!"
---Sandra's player on Steve networking with his fetish Palm Pilot

"We have this in-character mockery challenge going on. [Steve mocks] me by sending packages. Horus mocks me to other people's faces."
"Well, you can't expect the Ahroun to be subtle."
---Sandra's player, describing in-character group dynamics, and Plays' player's response

"So Barney is the kid version of an Enticer?"
---Sandra's player's response to the GM's quoting of a player in another game that Barney the dinosaur was a Wyrm creature made to take over children's minds

"Now, a conspiracy theorist would say that his disappearance only proved his theories."
---Sandra, in response to being informed that Sir Ulrich ap Gwydion, the barony's resident conspiracy theorist, had gone underground

"The sound system goes out once when Peter pulls out the plug."
"Marcie attempts to not beat Peter about the head and shoulders...."
---Plays' player describing his behavior at Sandra's Togail, and the GM describing Marcie's response to it

"This is chewy..."
---Plays, chewing on one of the favors from Sandra's pinata (a condom)

"Marcie gets to take Plays for a test drive."
---The GM describing Marcie and Plays having fun together

"You're not allowed to grow up. Then I can't pick on you anymore."
"I don't think any force on earth could stop you."
---Steve's comment on Sandra's identification of the Togail as being "about growing up," and Sandra's response

"Do you think we could do some of these?"
"Yeah -- I'll even rig up the slings."
---Plays, on some of the positions in The Kama Sutra (his gift from Sandra), and Marcie's response

"So what did Marcie get?"
"I'm afraid of what Marcie got..."
---The GM's question about Togail gifts, and Sandra's player's response

"Sandra laughs a lot. It's probably related to how much she's been drinking."
---Sandra's player describing the Liam's behavior at the Togail party

"You could wander around the guest quarters and listen hard..."
---Sandra, to Steve, on how to find Plays after the Togail party

"You missed the obvious line - 'What a nice pussy.'"
---Steve's player's comment on Horus complimenting Mickey on Keighvyn's cat

"[Mickey] seemed kinda rattled by the experience."
"Mr. Tact, they usually are."
---Conversation between Horus and Steve, re, Mickey being held hostage in her apartment by Gwalchamai of House Scathach

"Oooh, lie, lie, lie...and it's not even a good lie."
"That's like saying Horus is cute."
"Which is also a lie."
"Cute isn't the word I'd use."
---Conversation between Sandra, Steve, and Horus, upon finding out that Dr. Christine Logan's forwarding address was fake

"Strictly out of character, [Eset's] results with that Rite have been miserable."
---Plays' player, re, Steve's proposal to have Eset use Rite of the Questing Stone to find Dr. Logan

"You just wanna ogle Pirotesse."
(looking at Drusilla) "But I like elves!"
---Conversation between Gordon and Sonja, about watching the Record of Lodoss War OVAs

"If we watch Record of Lodoss War, Gordon can ogle Ashram -- and I don't mean his cat."
"Eh, I like the dark elf better."
"Yes, but you like girls!"
---Conversation between Sonja and Steve, re, Record of Lodoss War, and Sandra's player's response

"Somehow, I feel vaguely outgunned by everyone else here, and I'm not upset by that at all."
---Sandra making an observation about her heavily-armed companions during a mission to rescue Sorcha

"It's either a woman or a hippie."
---Steve's player's comment upon Eavan discovering a strand of long red hair during Sorcha's rescue

"Something will happen soon...Horus is in there. He'll screw something up."
---Steve trying to calm Black Fury Ahroun Diana Claws-of-Luna prior to Sorcha's rescue

"Ewwww, hentai!"
"A hentai fomor?"
---Sandra's player commenting on the fomor the group faced during the rescue having a tentacle, and the GM's response

"Broken glass, burning curtains. I think Eavan went that way."
---Sandra, to Aeryn, re, finding the above-mentioned things on a landing during Sorcha's rescue (and on Eavan's use of Pyretics)

"What? She's family!"
"Oh, okay. I just wanted to make sure you weren't a pod person."
"No, and I don't have an anchovy in my ear, either!"
---Conversation between Sandra and Horus, re, Sandra hugging Lady Althea ni Liam for coming to heal Sorcha after the rescue, and Horus checking the back of Sandra's neck

"How much is it to buy up Willpower?"
"Your current Willpower rating -- and do something in-character to make yourself more confident."
"Well, that's not this session."
---Conversation between Steve's player and the GM about an XP expenditure, and Sandra's player's response (in light of Steve and Horus running away during Sorcha's rescue due to a fomor using the fear-inducing Roar of the Wyrm power on them)

"Wait a minute -- I have been here before."
"Maybe you didn't want to remember that, considering what happened last time you were here."
---Conversation between Horus' and Eavan's players, re, Sorcha's rescue and Horus doing reconnaissance at the same location in an earlier session (and having run away due to the Roar of the Wyrm then as well)

"If he doesn't come back, I figure that, by the time he stopped running, he was so far away that it was just easier to make a new start someplace else."
---The GM, making a comment on a disappearing player (whose character also fled from the Roar of the Wyrm)

"Boris, meet Horus."
---Steve introducing his PDA fetish to Horus

"I have more Willpower now, so things might be different!"
---Horus' player, on the group going back to confront the fomor with Roar of the Wyrm

"We clean out a couple of Radio Shacks of noise-canceling headphones."
---Plays' player, on the group's strategy to confront the fomor a second time

"They were too easy to find this way."
"Yeah, but nobody could move the damn rock!"
---Plays and Horus, on the lupus deciding not to hide his credit cards under a rock

"We went there for a specific purpose; we accomplished that purpose. Now we're just out for revenge."
---Horus, on the group going to confront the fomor again

"You think someone might notice something's wrong if the door is in little bitty pieces?"
"Good point."
---Eavan and Horus, on how to attack the fomor's home

"Tactical error -- do not time pizza with fomor fights!"
---Sandra's player, as she got a slice of pizza and the GM described the acidic pus spraying out of the fomor's wounds

"That's porn? They're all so..."
---Conversation between Plays and Steve, re, Steve's downloaded erotica

"With my neighbors, I need the backup."
---Sandra making a comment on the shenanigans occurring in the Villa Domina

"Clearly, we need to shoot the people who invented PayPal in the head."
---Sandra, to Steve, on Plays' online purchases

"They were practically demonstrating out on the floor."
---Sandra, on Plays and Marcie's behavior at her Togail party

"You don't get much [homework] done when you're sleeping on the keyboard."
---A sleepy Sebastian, on answering the door for the group

"Apparently, Sandra is losing it."
"Losing it? I thought she lost it a long time ago..."
---Sandra's player and Horus' player, re, Sandra talking to The Foundling

"Does it count as breaking the Litany if there are two other people there?"
---Sandra's player, re, Horus helping Ginny, Aaron and Lance relax Sorcha

"So with Horus there it's an even split between the sexes, huh?"
"Well, there's Aaron..."
"In Sandra's opinion, there's two guys, two girls -- and Aaron."
Conversation between Sandra's player and the GM, re, Horus, Aaron, Lance and Ginny helping Sorcha relax

"That's only a couple thousand next victims."
---Sandra, on the news that there might be a Ravager or Rhapsodizer among the local university students

"She has lost it."
"To the point that she's generated a 'spirit' to fulfill her delusion."
"And I started it all!"
---Conversation between Horus' player, Sandra's player, and Steve's player, re, The Foundling becoming Sandra's chimerical companion

"More to the point, if they're pissed off, I can run the fastest!"
---Sandra, on informing the Eight Virtues sentai of the group's battle against a fomor presidential advisor

"I've seen you, but you can't see me. It's okay -- Mom says it's not your fault you're stupid."
---The Foundling, explaining things to Horus

"Even if you could find Horus, you don't want him in the vampire club."
---Sandra's player, to Steve's, on Horus' player being absent the session the characters went to the Halloween Ball at the local Kindred club

"Who is it, what do you want, and who's missing this time?"
---Sandra, to Aaron Frost, as he delievered an invitation to the Halloween Ball

"That's the eyes, that's the brains, that's the livers..."
"Don't be silly -- they'd drip."
---Steve gesturing to the pouches on the belt of Sandra's sorceress costume, and Sandra's response

"You've got people walking around trying to get lucky."
"And Pete walking around clueless."
---The GM describing the people attending the Halloween Ball, and Plays' player describing the lupus Galliard's attitude while wearing his Halloween costume (leather bondage gear)

"I've heard of liking your technology, but isn't that a bit much?"
---Sandra, as Plays retrieved his Game Boy from his posing pouch

"Cally helps Peter..."
"Not with her hands?"
"You got it."
---Conversation between the GM and Sandra's player, re, Calandra having fun with Plays

"Sebby went to try to get a reaction out of Keighvyn."
"It hasn't worked yet!"
---Conversation between Sebastian and Sandra's players, re, Keighvyn assuming his Unseelie Legacy (Shade) and Sebastian attempting to get the Scathach to display some sort of emotion

"The horns and goat legs are fake, really!"
"And so is the erection."
"Yeah, he can't be that big!"
---Conversation between Sandra's, Sebastian's and Steve's players, re, Sebby wandering around nude, in satyr mien, at the Halloween Ball

"Sandra mutters under her breath, 'Nine point five -- not bad.'"
---Sandra's player, commenting on Keighvyn's spate of cursing upon the two of them finding a motel clerk flayed alive the morning after Samhain

"Well, if it is the food, I should recover first..."
---Sebastian, re, Sandra inquiring if Steve had laced the breakfast he made for the inhabitants of the Villa Domina with controlled substances, and Sebastian being sick upon hearing about the flayed motel clerk

"'I'm so terribly sorry we caused you to lose'...well, maybe not phrased quite that way..."
---Sandra commenting on the "insincere condolence note" she sent to Alyana Du Prey upon the latter's losing the congressional race to Derek Starvos

"So your overall appearance is better, but your tits are still the same size?"
---Horus' player, making a comment to Sandra's regarding her buying another point of Appearance

"And Marcie looks good bending over the box."
"I'm not even gonna go there."
---Conversation between Plays and Horus, re, Marcie and Plays putting together a seismometer

"Can I point out something blindingly obvious? There's probably a signature on the work order."
---Sandra's player, as Horus and Steve tried to discern who had given the county water authority orders to drain the Villa Domina's pool

"We've got a kid's Matchbox collection in the parking lot -- just one at a time."
---Sandra, on the tanker truck and the police car showing up in the parking lot during the pool-draining incident

"We could hack into the county water authority -- not that I'm recommending cybercrime or anything...not with this group!"
---Sandra, making suggestions for finding out who was behind the pool incident

"You mean everyone else pees on the floor?"
---Plays-with-Toys, confusing "domestic" and "domesticated" (with help from Steve)

"Can we try to keep this PG-13 at least until noon?"
---Sandra's comment on the adult conversations during breakfast

"Maybe it was a mistake. God knows, no government agency ever makes any typos!"
---Sandra coming up with reasons for the pool incident

"So, what'd you find out?"
---Conversation between Steve and Horus, after Steve called the water authority to try to find out the reason for the pool incident

"You guys were planning to go there, break in, sneak around, and beat people up like you do when you go anywhere else, right?"
"No, that's what he does." (pointing to Horus)
"You're taking him with, aren't you?"
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, as the group discussed what to do to get to the bottom of the pool incident

"I noticed whatever they were doing was making you do Mafia impressions."
---Sandra's comment on Steve's phone conversation with a gum-snapping phone rep at the water authority

"The administrator wouldn't talk to us."
"That's 'cause the administrator's a bastard."
---Comment by Horus' player about the reticence of Severin Blackarrow, Hartwood Community Center's sluagh administrator, and Sandra's (and Severin's former) player's rejoinder

"We're gonna nickname you 'control rod.'"
---Sandra, to Steve, on his ability to rein in Horus

"In Werewolf terms, she's sort of like a free-willed Fetish."
---Sandra's player, explaining The Foundling to Horus' player

"Shit! ...That is not said out loud in front of The Foundling."
---Sandra's reaction to The Foundling's findings (an individual breaking into Sandra's apartment and the Foundling tailing her), and her player's additional comment

"[Sandra]'s used you as an errand boy often enough; it's time to get some revenge."
---Sandra's player, to Horus, re, Horus mulling over how to find out about a missing teen

"If someone's trying to steal the pool, I may as well enjoy it while I can."
---Steve's player's explanation of why he was taking a swim

"I use Scent of the True Form on the pool water!"
"The water is, in fact, water!"
---Exchange between Steve's player and the GM

"I brought you some wonderful, magical spring water."
"Why does it smell like chlorine?"
"It's from the pool."
---Conversation between Steve and Sandra, as he offered her a bottle of water from the Villa Domina's pool

"So, who's our local chemist?"
(Imitating a computer-generated voice) "The number you have not in service."
---Conversation between Horus and Sandra as the characters contemplated the invigorating effects of the pool water

"Let's let Marcie get sleep and coffee first. Or the next pipe will be made out of, y'know, our hollowed-out bones."
---Sandra adding a caveat to the Garou's idea to question Marcie about where the pool water came from

"I think I'm going to have to start researching Ms. Du Prey very, very quietly. And I'm thinking of people not to ask to help."
---Sandra, on Countess Alyana Du Prey seeming to have her finger in a number of questionable pies

"I'm picturing a surly redcap trying to get out without paying, and Eset going Crinos and saying, 'No, you will pay us,' and the redcap going, 'Shit!'"
---Sandra's player's comment on Eset taking over cash register duty at Steve's new diner

"'I do dishes.'"
"As long as you don't break them, or eat them."
---Exchange between Plays' and Sandra's players, re, the redcap/Eset incident

"So, does that automatically qualify as a doggie bag?"
---Sandra's question about the takeout that Steve gave Plays

"Pete's tired of Everquest."
---Plays' player's rationale for Plays taking a job as a busboy at Steve's "Spook Diner"

"It's a good thing you showed me, or my tongue would've gotten tired."
"I was hoping I was wrong about what you were thinking..."
---Plays learning how to clean tables, and Sandra's rejoinder

"I'm betting the guy [they're talking about] is Julian..."
---Sandra's player's comment upon overhearing the conversation between two teenage girls at Spook Diner on their lack of luck flirting with a waiter at Midsummer Nights

"I told you to put that other die into Kenning, but noooo..."
---Steve's player, to Sandra's player, as the GM called for a Kenning roll

"Here -- something that's good for you, and won't affect your figure."
"Yeah -- air."
---Steve trying to entice Sandra into having dessert, and Sandra's response

"This is the D.C. area -- water tastes good?"
---Sandra's player, making a comment on the taste of the Villa Domina's water versus that of the rest of the District of Columbia

"Kazumi invites Jun [to Spook Diner] for 'shakey-milks.'"
---Kazumi's player, having the Japanese wererat mispronounce "milkshakes."

"I don't think I've ever seen her before -- she's always out with her girlfriend."
"Or, from Shanna's point of view, Mickey's always out with you and Keighvyn."
---Conversation between Sebby and Sandra, as Sandra brought an unconscious Shanna Whitman back to Mickey and Shanna's aprtment

"Sebby has a key to Mickey and Shanna's apartment."
"Big surprise!"
"I'm so surprised I could just die."
---Conversation between Sebby's player, Sandra's player, and Steve's player, as Sebby unlocked the door to Mickey and Shanna's apartment

"It's time to exercise reflexive paranoia."
"Otherwise known as going through everything in the apartment that she can put back to looking like she didn't go through it at all."
---Conversation between Sandra's and Steve's players, as Sandra took the opportunity to go through Shanna's belongings

"Sandra wonders if liking anime is in the rental contract, and, if so, why wasn't it in hers?"
---Sandra's player, after being told by the GM about Mickey's large collection of anime DVDs

"Let's see...white plate with spooky border. Where have I seen that before? Oh, yeah -- the diner."
"And the plate's a little sticky."
"So is The Foundling."
---Conversation between Sandra's player and Steve's player on the baklava Steve sent over for The Foundling, and Sebby's player's response

"Is there any chance you're gonna knock [Marcie] up?"
"Only if we do it in the part of the workroom where the ceiling's too low."
---Horus trying to ascertain subtly whether or not Plays and Marcie were using protection, and Plays' misunderstanding response

"When the inevitable herpes outbreak sweeps through the Villa, I will rest happily knowing that I'm the only person over thirteen who's safe."
---Sandra's response to Steve and Horus kidding her about her lack of a sex life

"Running a dojo, teaching hand-to hand combat to the CIA...she's sounding like the female version of Steven Seagal."
Steve's observation on Countess Alyana Du Prey's adopted daughter, Helena Kyle

"[Helena's] mom's a watch?"
---Horus mishearing Steve's assessment of Alyana Du Prey as "a psycho"

"[Steve's] met him before. [He's] been pulled over by him, as a matter of fact."
---Sandra's player assuring the GM that Steve and Detective Storms were acquainted

"You aren't sure if she's actually going to go to a doctor, or just agreeing to get you off her back."
"I'm betting on the 'agreeing to get me off her back.' Not that I blame her..."
---Conversation between the GM and Sandra's player, re, Shanna agreeing to Sandra's suggestion that she visit a doctor

"I'd rather have her on my front than on my back."
---Horus' player's rejoinder to the conversation mentioned above

"You can see the little, 'Abort? Retry? Ignore?' prompt behind Sandra's eyes."
---Sandra's player, on the Liam PI's reaction to a cryptic diary entry delivered to them by the sluagh Hermione

"Is it a bad sign when the GM starts cackling maniacally?"
---Horus' player reacting to the GM indulging in the time-honored tradition

"I'm trying to investigate someone and get laid in the process."
"And here I thought [Horus] was going for that dot of Wisdom [Renown]."
"Well, he is!"
---Conversation between Horus' player and Plays' player, re, Horus going to investigate Helena Kyle's dojo

"I'm just picturing the receptionist thinking, 'Ah, one of those!'"
---Steve's player's reaction to Horus taking off his weapon-filled coat at the dojo

"Maybe I should go."
"No, it's OK -- we talk like this all the time."
---Conversation between Julian and Sandra, as Sandra discussed sensitive information about the baronial court with the Garou in Steve's apartment

"Permit me to play handy-dandy cultural translator."
---Sandra offering to explain fae society to the Garou

"If you'd said, 'Faith,' I'd have said, 'And it's still attached?'"
---Sandra's player's rejoinder to Steve's player mixing up Faith Stands-Defiant and Kathleen O'Malley

"Excuse me, Julian, you were sputtering?"
---Sandra, re, Julian expressing shock at learning that Sir Kellin, captain of the baronial guard, was apparently a member of a society of House Scathach assassins

"It's Gaelic -- that's why it's spelled with fifteen more consonants than it needs to be."
---Sandra, on the spelling versus the pronunciation of "Scathach"

"They're Scotsmen -- they live five hundred miles from the Arctic Circle and still wear skirts."
---Sandra's reasoning for the odd behavior of Scathach sidhe

"You remember Lady Aeryn turning into a human cuisinart without the benefit of being nine feet tall and having claws? That's what Scathach do. And Kellin outranks [Aeryn], so he's probably a better fighter."
---Sandra explaining to Horus and Steve why asking Sir Kellin to come clean about his affiliation directly was a bad idea

"Don't worry, they conspire to assassinate me all the time -- it doesn't mean anything."
---Sandra reassuring Julian

"[Keighvyn] wasn't inclined to object [to us going to a hotel together], but only because he wasn't inclined to do anything more than sit in one place."
---Sandra explaining her one-night stand with Keighvyn on Samhain

"She's a nocker -- the not talking would last until she got frustrated, which would be about three point seven seconds."
"I vote for five seconds -- that's how long it takes with a pair of pants."
---Sandra, on getting Marcie to tell the group where the pool water came from, and Plays' rejoinder

"What's up, boy?"
"Did Timmy fall down the well?"
(Horus takes Crinos form)
"Perhaps this wasn't the time to say that..."
---Sandra and Steve teasing Horus as he tracked the scent of the water in lupus form, and Sandra thinking better of it

"Marcie is so not gonna be happy about this..."
---The GM's assessment of Horus making a hole in the basement floor

"Step one -- do not tear apart the place where you live..."
---Sandra's player's assessment of Horus making a hole in the basement floor

"I'm betting on how many seconds it takes Marcie to rewire [Horus'] shower to spit out raw sewage."
---Sandra's player, after Horus made the hole in the basement and fell into it

"We're off to save Horus from himself."
---Steve, explaining to Gunthar why they were going down into the hole Horus had fallen into

"Sandra's not paying attention to time -- she's sidhe."
---Sandra's player's response to the GM telling the group how long they wandered around in the cave complex under the Villa Domina

"Would you tell us before you do something like this next time? We can't fix these things as easily as you destroy them..."
---Sandra admonishing Horus for ripping up the basement floor

"Boris don't need no stinking satellites."
---The GM extolling the virtues of the Net-Spider bound into Steve's fetish PDA

"I told Marcie that your head wasn't big enough to plug up the hole -- even if we did flatten your skull out..."
---Plays, to Horus, on dissuading Marcie from her first impulse to fix the hole in the basement

"Marcie's thinking, 'It's a sidhe thing.'"
"Sandra's thinking, 'Yeah, it's a frickin' court thing -- I hate it.'"
---Conversation between the GM and Sandra's player, re, the group contemplating going to Duke Arislan about the apparently magical spring underneath the Villa Domina

"'Prince' means, 'I'm gonna inherit a bigger title later, so you better be nice to me now.'"
---Sandra explaining Prince Llew's position in the hierarchy to the Garou

"It's this whole mass of ritualized corruption and nepotism."
---Sandra explaining fae politics to Plays

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