Scarlet and Shadow

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"He got three rocks -- obviously, he wasn't good!"
---Plays, commenting on Horus' Christmas gift -- a set of whetstones and a sharpening kit

"Fuck off and die!"
(Novalyne knocks again)
"And stop coming back from the dead!"
---Sandra, as Novalyne knocked on her apartment door

"Every time I swear at the door, it turns out to be a sluagh."
---Sandra's observation upon answering the door at Novalyne's knocking (and commenting on an earlier sluagh visitor)

"What you do in your spare time isn't my business, but I still need to give you this letter."
---Novalyne commenting on Sandra's remark about "giant nightmare plushies" as she delivered a letter from Hermione and Princess Niamh to the Liam private eye

"I can't open the envelope!"
"That's the point."
---Conversation between Novalyne and her chimerical serpent Phineas, on the letter the sluagh delivered to Sandra

"I'm starting to worry about my neighbors."
---Novalyne's player's observation after learning about some of the game's previous events

"I don't normally go around sniffing other people -- it's not like they're airplane glue."
"Airplane glue is good? Wow, I'll have to ask for some for Christmas next year."
"And maybe by then, you'll have figured out what we're talking about."
---Conversation between Sandra and Plays

"I'm not getting Alfredo [sauce]; even a sluagh wouldn't do that."
---Novalyne's player, on the sluagh special at Spook Diner (the previous week's regular special)

"She's extremely sarcastic."
"We can have a contest."
---Novalyne's player describing her character, and Sandra's player's response

"She did two at once, and one of them was Horus. That's all the sarcasm Ginny needs."
"I never needed to know that...."
---Conversation between Steve and Sandra, re, the "sarcastic" comment above

"They can't be dating -- they haven't shown up naked together yet."
---Sandra's comment on Steve's assertion that Kazumi and Jun were an item, and on the clothing-optional behavior of the Villa's tenants

"After work, go and run a search on Google on the words 'nudity taboo' in conjunction."
---Sandra giving Plays advice on human social mores

"Do you have a liquor license yet?"
---Sandra, to Steve, after being subjected to Plays' ignorance of social mores

"After annoying [Marcie], Horus had the good sense to go far, far away."
---Sandra's player's tongue-in-cheek explanation for Horus' leave of absence

[The machines in the Villa] are scared of [Marcie], and so are we."
---Sandra, giving advice to Novalyne on why not to bother the Villa's nocker building supervisor

"No conversation in the Villa Domina will stay on the same topic for more than thirty seconds."
---Sandra giving further advice to Novalyne about living in the Villa

"So she's an impulsive, mildly sociopathic, weapons-obsessed freak?"
---Sandra's observation on Helena ni Scathach's comment that she "had a lot in common" with Horus

"'Look, Mom, I made your favorite -- rum cake!'"
"'It exploded in flames when I stuck it in the oven!' Whoever thought a light bulb could be so flammable?"
---Conversation between Novalyne's and Plays' players on The Foundling baking a cake for Sandra (in an Easy-Bake Oven)

---Plays' mispronunciation of "Gwalchamai"

"They were here when I made breakfast for everyone in [the Villa]."
"I don't remember seeing them -- but they might have been behind Gordon."
---Steve and Sandra discussing when they'd last seen Eavan and Sorcha

"Marcie made me sit up here the last time."
"Marcie is a very smart woman."
---Conversation between Plays and Sandra, as the group attempted to investigate the cave complex under the Villa

"So, what have you found?"
"These statues, that pool of water, that fire ring...and that my digital camera is a piece of crap."
---Conversation between Steve and archaeologist Liam Dillon, as the characters discovered Liam surveying the cave complex

"I keep expecting to have a delegation of sidhe come and tell Sandra that she's officially been kicked out of the kith."
---Sandra's player, observing her character's un-sidhelike tendencies

Died and gone to Fiji -- rent prepaid with Marcie
---Sign on Sandra's door while her player was absent

"If she comes back with a tan, I'll kill her!"
---Steve, on the sign on Sandra's door

"This stuff is great! It's just like my grandmother used to make!"
"My grandmother wouldn't touch that stuff."
---Sir Jenner Rainwater, extolling the virtues of Spook Diner's "Dead Man's Chili", and Plays' response

To Sebby -- everyone else, keep your damn hands off!
---Steve's note on a box of baklava delivered to Sebastian from Spook Diner

"We're going to a bar."
"Oh! I have one of those in my closet!"
---Steve explaining that the group was making a trip to The Vampire Lestat, and Plays' rejoinder

"You should fit in. I'll look like an obnoxious moron -- which means I'll probably get laid."
---Steve, to Novalyne, on his tie-dyed attire at The Vampire Lestat

"My Goth and sluagh sensibilities are being tested."
---Novalyne's player, on Steve's attire at The Vampire Lestat

"So, what are you playing?"
"A were-lemming."
---Exchange between Steve's and John Watches-In-Silence's players

"He looks fifteen -- he's actually four."
---John's player, on his Lupus-breed character's age

"I feel like that guy wants to eat me, but I don't know why..."
---John's player, on the Garou making humans uneasy

"The large steel worm they're traveling through the earth in..."
---John's player, describing how his character thought of the subway

"When you have that many sidhe in one building, come on!"
---Sandra, on the "The Women of the Villa Domina" and "The Men of the Villa Domina" photo calendars that Joe Asakura was distributing

"Sandra's been paranoid since The Incident."
"I can hear the capital 'I' in 'incident.'"
---Conversation between Sandra's and Novalyne's players, re, the calendars and Sandra's bathroom wall exploding earlier in the game

"There are no teeth in this hallway!"
"Except for hers, [which are] chattering."
"Actually, no -- sluagh don't have teeth!"
---Sandra's player, commenting on John and Christopher Ryan not showing their teeth when they smiled, Steve's player's comment on a watching Daisy Lewis, and the GM's rejoinder

"John sits -- the offer will be regretted later."
---John's player, on the Strider accepting Ginny's offer to sit down, and the fleas he picked up while on the road

"Barbie didn't have this many piercings when you saw her last..."
---Sandra's player, describing the disfigurements the Liam inflicted upon the Barbie doll Steve gave The Foundling

"Every time you add qualifiers, we're in trouble."
---Sandra, trying to get an answer about Sorcha's whereabouts from Ginny

"I'm going to swear off swearing at the door. Three times running!"
---Sandra, upon discovering Daisy at her door after swearing at it

"The good thing about jackals is that they're opportunistic eaters. He'll eat anything -- and he has. The dumpster is your friend when you're traveling and don't understand the concept of money."
---John's player, explaining to Plays' player that the cold cereal and water Plays left wasn't so bad

"No, I got the Bundle of Joy. Everyone else just got a welcome basket."
---Sandra's player, correcting Steve's player when he told Daisy she'd received a "bundle of joy" upon moving into the Villa

"I don't think she has that much money."
---The Foundling, on Steve proposing a swear jar for Sandra

"John sleeps...and his entourage explores Peter's carpet."
---John's player, commenting again on the fleas his character picked up while on the road

"Organization charts aren't supposed to be drawn on Moebius strips!"
---Sandra, trying to make sense of things

"Giving someone a Shadow Lord's cereal without asking could be bad..."
---Plays' player, on which cereal the Glass Walker left out for John

"She's a sword-wielding maniac."
"I object to that -- I don't have a sword."
---Steve's description of Sandra when he thought she was out of earshot, and Sandra's response

"If there's a race that doesn't know how to swear, I don't think they qualify as intelligent beings."
"I'm learning."
---Conversation between Sandra and Plays

"I see you're impressing our new visitors with our competence. Good tactics!"
---Sandra, to Steve, as he revealed the group's past exploits, failures and all

"Welcome to Hell."
---Sandra's official greeting to Daisy, John and Novalyne

"Pelting the werewolf -- yeah, we go in for safe hobbies!"
---Sandra's player, as the Liam threw a Barbie doll at Steve

"We haven't broken into any hospitals this year -- we're behind!"
---Sandra, upon hearing Novalyne's idea to talk to Evalie of House Liam (currently a patient in a mental hospital in Maryland)

"First aid -- how quaint!"
---Daisy's player's tongue-in-cheek assessment of Steve applying first-aid techniques to an injured Drusilla ni Scathach

"These three guys beat her up, and then they exploded..."
---John's player, on what to tell the police after the group's battle with the Black Spiral Dancers that injured Drusilla (after our heroes made hamburger of them following Sandra's very successful use of Quicksilver)

"Hi, I'd like to request my EMT?"
---Novalyne's player, on the group's hope that the EMT arriving for Drusilla would be Christopher

"I can't sleep in Homid -- my limbs don't bend the right way."
---John's player, re, his character going to sleep in his birth form

"My name is John -- please return me to the Villa Domina"
---John's player's answer to another player's proposal that the group get the Lupus Strider a dog collar and tags

"Your responsibility is to our pack."
"And Ben says Christopher's responsibility is cleaning the fridge."
---Exchange between Steve and Plays, re, Plays cleaning out the refrigerator in the Bridge Builders' apartment

"'Eset cleaned it out?' Eset hasn't been here in a few weeks... Steve, you're helping with the first round!"
---Sandra, reconsidering her offer to help clean the Bridge Builders' refrigerator

"Why do you want to eat his toenails?"
---A confused Talyn, in answer to Steve's attempt to greet him in Gaelic

"Eset won't let me put the plates back [dirty], and she doesn't let me wash them anymore after I broke ten of them."
---Plays, on his experience as a dishwasher

"That's good water!"
"It's a Deer Park commercial -- God help us!"
---Daisy's player's observation on the healing properties of the Villa Domina's water supply, and Sandra's player's tongue-in-cheek rejoinder

"He's got Spirit Speech and Beast Speech, so he believes there's nothing you can't hold a conversation with."
---John's player's explanation of one of his character's proclivities

"Marcie, you have a pool boy -- he's just personal to you."
---Sandra's comment upon Marcie's assertion that the Villa Domina could use a pool boy (following the appearance of someone who claimed to be one)

"If a chimera makes snow angels, are [the angels] visible?"
---Sandra's player, re, Steve teaching the Foundling to make snow angels

"Botched Stealth roll...successful sneak-up, [but he] missed the bird...eight successes -- he got one!"
---John's player, re, John's rolls attempting to capture a live bird so Daisy could use it for a Soothsay cantrip

"'I'll take care of it...' -- John eats it."
---John's player, on John disposing of the remains of the dead bird after Daisy's Omen cantrip

"I ignore the crunchings and wash up."
---Daisy's player, re, John eating the remains of the bird

"I wish we could get tone of voice on the quote page."
---Sandra's player, on Daisy's player's comment above

"He caught [a roadrunner]? He must be smarter than the coyote. Or he doesn't shop at Acme -- but their products are defective anyway...."
---Plays, on John's stories about chasing roadrunners

"If anyone can explain lesbianism to John, feel free..."
---Daisy's player, as Daisy tried to explain to John about Shanna and Anduin's relationship

"The Cracking of the Bone is a good time to introduce yourself to the whole sept -- you know, 'I am Watches-In-Silence, Theurge of the Silent Striders...'"
"Now I'm picturing 'Werewolves Anonymous.'"
"Hi, I'm John, and I've been shapeshifting for three years..."
---Conversation between the GM, Sandra's player, and John's player, on the moot at the Silver Horn

"If Ginny and Sandra ever come into contact, there'll be a matter/antimatter explosion."
---Sandra's player, on the diametrically opposed personalities of the Liam and the satyr

"That's just tacky."
---Daisy, on Kazumi and Koji betting on whether or not someone's neck would spurt blood after the head was cut off

"But you have to cut off his head! Otherwise, he'll suffer!"
---Kazumi, on the Eight Virtues sentai interrupting Daniel Larusso's suicide attempt

"Maybe he found a circle and is looking for a corner."
"Come on, he's brighter than that -- he'd make one."
---Steve and Sandra, musing about Horus' current whereabouts

"They just dropped it?"
"We were chasing them at the time."
---Daisy, wondering about the Thallain who had kidnapped Princess Niamh and the Flicker-Flash lighter they left behind, and Sandra's response

"In a little teeny font, [you see the words] 'It's bigger than me!'"
---Sandra's player, helping the GM decide Boris' explanation of running into a larger Pattern Spider during Steve's attempt to hack into Georgetown University

"I'll let the computer thing wait a little while -- there are too many nosy eyes around."
"Like, eight of them?"
---Steve explaining why he stopped trying to hack into Georgetown, and Sandra's player's response

"We have the two sluagh, the tech boys, the person who talks to everyone, and the person who can talk to anything. There are no secrets!"
---Sandra's player, on the group's information-gathering expertise

"She didn't explode when I glowered at her, so she isn't Gwydion."
---Sandra's observation during the conversation about what House Anduin might be from

"[SilverWater] is a Fiona-Eiluned duchy...mostly because the duke has bad taste in women."
---Sandra explaining ducal politics

"She's either being vague, or she doesn't know."
"Take your pick -- she's Eiluned."
---Novalyne's observation about Princess Niamh not giving her some information, and the GM's response

"You know that whole 'honor' deal with the Seelie? Sandra has a slightly different interpretation."
---Sandra's player explaining her character's code of ethics to Daisy's player

"Julian, you can swear!"
---An amazed Sandra, upon hearing Julian's spate of cursing as the group told him of what was going on between Anduin and Shanna

"Hey, fuzzy -- it's safe to come out...and talk."
---Sandra, informing John that it was all right to reveal himself to Julian

"I'm a sluagh -- I'll ride in the glove compartment!"
---Novalyne's player, as the group debated whether to take one or two cars to find Shanna

"I manhandled a female poet -- for Gaia!"
---John's player, on his role in the group's actions to get Shanna's manuscript away from Anduin

"He runs as only [someone] chased by Mokolé can run! Louisiana wasn't the best leg of his trip."
---John's player, on the Strider's use of Speed of Thought to get Shanna's manuscript out of Anduin's hands

"Contacts 5 in action!"
---Sandra's player, on enabling the group to obtain Anduin's records from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

"You've made the system more secure than it was by adding in these back doors."
---Sandra's player, re, Steve hacking into the Virginia DMV's computers

"Lord Niall and Lady Elspeth have dibs on Anduin...and Sandra has dibs on Daisy."
---Sandra's player, on Anduin having Rhapsodized one of the baron and baroness of Fairgrove's Dreamers, and on Daisy's part in keeping Shanna's masterpiece out of Anduin's clutches

"[His] Intelligence has dropped -- [he has] a baby in [his] arms."
---Steve's player's explanation of the Glass Walker's actions while holding Adam Hunter (Chelsea and Rick's newborn son)

"[Sandra]'s as sweet as candy."
"Those scorpion lollipops, maybe..."
---Conversation between Steve and Novalyne

"Why are you trying to break into [Keighvyn's] apartment?"
---Plays, as Novalyne and Steve tried unsuccessfully to pick the lock on Keighvyn's door so they could leave him a message

"All the male trolls around here are either way too old, or gay!"
---Lita, Lady Freya's squire, lamenting the lack of prospective boyfriends among her own kith after being told by Steve that Gunthar wasn't interested in women

"Even if Keighvyn doesn't get the crappy end of the stick, he'll grab it so someone else doesn't have to end up with it -- sometimes he's just too noble for his own good."
---Sebastian, to Ceara, lamenting Keighvyn's tendency to sometimes place altruism over common sense

"John's fascinated by cooking. All this doing stuff to food before you eat it -- it's very human."
"It's also very catlike."
"No, he understands batting it around..."
---Conversation between John's and Daisy's players, as the group observed Steve preparing crepes for everyone

"The scary thing is, this is a Changeling/Werewolf game, so no one has any reason not to take this at face value."
---Sandra's player, after Steve informed the group that he'd been charged by a unicorn-spirit to bring someone to justice

"I'm going to go wash dishes -- my head is spinning."
---Plays, as Sandra tried to explain fae reincarnation

"'Bruce Wayne' shows up at random times with exactly what we need."
---Sandra, explaining her and Steve's penchant for calling Dariun ap Scathach by the name of Batman's secret identity

"I don't think you need to pay your boss."
---Sandra reassuring John that it wasn't necessary for the group to offer sacrifices to "The Lord of the Hunt"

"I don't want to know how He convinced werewolves to get on the Ark..."
---Sandra musing on Garou and the Flood

"One of these times I'm gonna hit you for real, and you're not gonna get back up again for a while."
---Sandra, to Steve

"No one looks [that good] unless they're sidhe."
"Yeah, we suck that way."
---Daisy's player's response upon hearing the GM's description of Lady Julietta ni Gwydion, and Sandra's player's rejoinder

"Hi, we're your neighbors."
"The big table of freaks!"
---Steve, introducing himself to Lady Julietta and Aya Misumaru, and Daisy's player's comment

"Cranky Woman"
---Sandra's nickname for Julietta

"We're in a pizza place!"
"[John] keeps his voice down."
---Daisy's player, as John told the group stories about his mentor, and John's player's response

"The guy who sold me the raft said something about the end of the world."
"Ah, I've heard of this."
---Plays, explaining why he'd bought an inflatable raft, John's response, and Plays feeling vindicated

"The choices we have are jumping, healing, sensing the Wyrm, and being quiet."
---John's player, on choosing Gifts

"I can rub my nose in my own incompetence!"
---John's player, upon being told by the GM that he could make the roll for the Rite of the Questing Stone himself

"[We'll] have Daisy stay here, and help translate for Julian when Ginny starts flipping out on the phone like usual."
---Sandra's player, explaining why Daisy (whose player was absent) didn't accompany the rest of the group

"The car seat creaks alarmingly..."
---Plays' player, describing what happened as Sorcha changed to Glabro inside Sandra's car

"Sorcha, please do not put your head through the roof..."
---Sandra, trying to keep Sorcha from going Crinos inside her car

"No, Mom and Dad are dead. Grandpa is still around, and creepy."
---Sandra's player, explaining about Sorcha and Eavan's family to Novalyne's player

"You see a beat-up station wagon -- [and it's] not [Steve's]."
---The GM describing what the group saw upon arriving at the burned-out remains of Grandfather O'Connell's mansion

"John's got a nice hierarchy of people he'll die for, and Sorcha's near the top of that list."
---John's player, explaining why the Strider followed Sorcha into her grandfather's mansion

"You'll be perfectly safe -- everyone's paying attention to the giant furry people and the big blue guy."
"We're natural distractions!"
---Sandra's player, reassuring Novalyne's that the sluagh would be safe sneaking into the basement of the mansion, and John's player's response

"She's part of the pack, though -- we should teach her how to Frenzy."
---John's player, after the Strider was told by Steve that Sandra couldn't Frenzy the way the Garou could

"You see a bunch of big guys in ripped jeans and stained flannel shirts."
"I attack the cast of Deliverance!"
---The GM, describing the mortal seemings of a group of ogres, and John's player's response

"'Yeah, I was defeated and buggered by a bunch of [ogres]. Won't be getting that Second Rank today -- and don't even talk about the Battle Scar...'"
---John's player, describing his character's possible tale of Renown at the next moot

"I'll just lie on the floor and be a speed bump..."
---Steve's player, after the Glass Walker was felled by a barrage of silver shot

"I'd like to note that I was one of the first people into the room, and I'm probably far away from the doorway!"
---John's player, making sure he wasn't in range of the silver shot-loaded shotgun Steve took off a fallen foe

"The mighty power of being bossy!"
---John's player's term for Sovereign after Julien used it to set up some of the ogres

"Over the past week, it's been increasingly easy to find Sandra in Steve's apartment."
"I knock first."
---Conversation between Sandra's player and Novalyne's player, as the sluagh went searching for the rest of our heroes

"What are you carrying?"
"Silver buckshot."
---Conversation between Steve and Plays, as Plays made preparations for telling a tale of the Bridge Builders' accomplishments at an upcoming moot

"Is he in the toilet?"
"I dunno -- did your submarine see him?"
---Plays speculating on the whereabouts of Novalyne's missing chimera, and Sandra's response

"Valentine's Day is sort of mutual here."
"Sarah told me that -- she was sort of upset last month when I expected her to give me chocolate."
---Conversation between Sandra and Hakken Ragabash Joe "Bringer-of-Storms" Asakura, on the difference between U.S. and Japanese celebrations of St. Valentine's Day

"So they have plans?"
"No -- they're student entrepreneurs. They have schemes."
---Conversation between Novalyne and Sandra, on Joe, Koji and Kazumi's attempt to sell chocolate for "White Day" (maintainer's note -- White Day being a Japanese holiday [March 14] where males give white chocolate to females)

"'Hello, wall -- is there a snake in you?'"
---Sandra's player's tongue-in-cheek impression of John trying to find Phineas

---Steve trying to extract information from Plays, and the lupus Galliard's response

"He's a chimera, and he's made out of silver. If nothing else, Marcie can render him down for weapons."
---Sandra's player, convincing Novalyne's it was a good idea to quickly retrieve Phineas from the nocker's clutches

"The problem isn't what he saw..."
---Sandra's player's assessment of why Phineas refused to go into apartments #12 or #22

"Plays has a date -- which is one of the most frightening things imaginable."
---Sandra, on Plays and Marcie's relationship

"Their foreplay is building the toys."
---Steve, on Plays and Marcie's relationship

"This means that if anything bugs her, she'll come to me."
---Sandra, on leaving Lady Julietta ni Gwydion a note about reporting any stray chimera in the Villa to her

"Someday, I'm gonna come in here with a big sign that says, 'PG.'"
"And I'll come over with a marker and put, '13!'"
"That'd be an improvement!"
---Conversation between Sandra and Steve, on the subject matter of conversations at Spook Diner

"If you don't behave, I'll slide you under the door of number twelve!"
---Novalyne's threat to ensure Phineas' good behavior

"Like you have to try to look weird."
---Sandra, to Steve

"Don't wanna know; fleeing now!"
---Sandra's assessment of the conversation between Aaron and Maximilian Frost and a redheaded sidhe

"You're a sluagh -- dust is sexy."
---Sandra's player reassuring Novalyne's after the sluagh emerged from investigating under the furniture in the ruins of the O'Connell mansion

"The Dragon Lady."
---Sandra's term for Lady Alexandria

"John has been waiting for his alpha to be reassembled."
"'Reassembled'? What disassembled me?"
"The shotgun."
---Conversation between John's and Steve's players, regarding the fight with the ogres, and Sandra's player's response

"He doesn't need to get his hands dirty -- that's what his aide is for."
---Steve's player, on Congressman Derek Starvos (Katya "Stormeye" Nadasdy's boss)

"'What's that noise on the tape?'
'Don't ask.'"
---Sandra, imagining the conversation between the higher-ups in the F.B.I. Supernatural Task Force and Sir Kellin, as one of the ogres tried to eat the microphone during interrogation

"I'm fairly convinced that the use of the alphabet in Gaelic is the same as picking tiles for Scrabble."
---John's player, re, the spelling versus the pronunciation of "Scathach"

"This is going nowhere good fast..."
---Sandra's observation of two trolls from the county of Buckeyes having an argument with Sebastian and Keighvyn

"This could be a delicate diplomatic situation. Let's send the lupus!"
---John's player, on John and Plays being the first to arrive on the scene as the trolls argued with Keighvyn and Sebastian

"I take it we aren't dealing with the genius portion of Ohio."
---Sandra's player's comment on the lack of mental power among the visiting trolls

"Move along, please -- there's nothing to see here."
"It's Obi-wan Kenobi!"
---One of the trolls from the County of Buckeyes trying to shoo away the characters, and Sandra's rejoinder

"This is how I very carefully say, 'I think you're full of shit,' without having a troll go berserk on me."
---Sandra's player, explaining the Liam P.I.'s defense of Keighvyn and Sebastian after the trolls from the Buckeyes delegation accused the Scathach and satyr of stealing a Treasure

"Yes, why don't we go and see Gavin?"
"That had an evil tone to it -- I approve."
---Sebastian suggesting the group pump Gavin ap Fiona for information about the Buckeyes delegation, and Sandra's response

"It'd be terribly ironic if [the Treasure] was Kev's old car."
(Keighvyn snickers)
"I sense an in-joke."
---Sebastian making an observation about the possibility of Keighvyn's deceased car being the Treasure they were accused of stealing, Keighvyn's reaction, and Sandra's response

"Crisis on Infinite Earths!"
"Closer to Zero Earth, sounds like."
"What are you talking about?"
"Never mind."
---Gavin and Sandra discussing how Keighvyn and Sebastian's story bore a marked resemblance to comic book series, Sebastian being confused, and Sandra's response

"He's a theurge; he's esoteric. Weirdness doesn't throw him, normal stuff does!"
---John's player, describing how the Strider took Keighvyn and Sebastian's story in stride

"That must have been very did you deal with it?"
"We moved."
---Conversation between John and Sebastian, on how the satyr and Keighvyn dealt with the county of Buckeyes having become unrecognizable after they returned from a quest in the Dreaming

"For just a moment, I thought you meant the department store, and got very confused."
"Changeling Sears -- for all your Treasure needs!"
---Sandra's player, misinterpreting John's mention of "seers" and John's player's tongue-in-cheek response

"Is this the archaeological site I found?"
"'You found?'"
"Yeah, I found it by making a great big hole in the floor."
---Conversation between Horus and Novalyne, re, the caverns beneath the Villa Domina

"Sandra's house-hunting? That would indicate that she actually decided to defrost herself and not be the frigid cold bitch that she usually is...So, who's the poor sucker?"
(Horus slaps Steve)
---Conversation between Horus and Steve on Sandra's whereabouts

"John goes into a room and comes back taller."
---John's player, describing the Strider theurge shifting forms

"Another lupus. Please tell me this one isn't going to get credit cards."
---Horus, upon being introduced to John

"We should just have Marcie make Plays' whole apartment out of cinderblocks. Then he won't blow up anything else."
---Horus's solution to Plays's experiments

"I think I've finally figured out the problem -- it's heat!"
---Plays discovering things about overclocking computers

"His mom, sister, aunt and grandmother are all Black Furies."
"Whoa -- home life."
---The GM explaining why Christopher Ryan would understand John's request for a potted plant to use in a ritual, and John's player's response

"Life's a bitch. And you're not, so pack your bags."
---John's player's interpretation of the Black Furies' all-female policy

"He knows what he's seen in horror movies."
"Everything he knows about vampires is based on Blade!"
---Steve's player, explaining what the Glass Walker knew about vampires, and John's player's response

"Do you speak granite?"
"No, I only know marble!"
"In this case, you'd have to know wood."
---Conversation between Novalyne's player, John's player, and the GM, as John tried to talk to one of the Triple Goddess statues

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