[Jean Somers]

Jean Somers - Fugitive Psychic

The daughter of a college professor and his wife, Jean led a relatively normal life until shortly after her tenth birthday. It was then that she started hearing voices in her head and having dreams about things moving around her room without anyone touching them. Even more bizarre, sometimes when she woke up, things were out of place. Her parents took her to see doctor after doctor, but none of them could do anything for the girl.

Shortly before Jean turned eleven, her parents received a strange visitor. A mysterious woman named Emma Frost came to the house, and explained that her employers would be able to help Jean. She convinced Jean's parents to sign a release waiver, and took the girl to a place in California she claimed was a private school run by her company. There, she and her colleagues trained the young girl in the use of her telepathic and telekinetic abilities. They provided everything for her, from a good education to free medical care, and despite the atmosphere of secrecy and lack of contact with her parents, Jean was relatively content. Nobody thought she was crazy, and they even helped her learn to control her abilities.

Things went on much the same way until Jean was eighteen. Then, she was called into the office of the head of the company. He complimented her on how well her training had gone, and then revealed that it would now be taking a new turn---she was to help eliminate the company's rivals.

Horrified, Jean refused. The company head wasn't pleased, and ordered her locked in her quarters until she was ready to see reason. However, she managed to slip out of her room that evening and headed for the nearest city, hoping to hide among the people there. When they discovered her missing, the company pursued her, and she is currently on the run.

Description: Jean stands five feet six, with a delicate, willowy build. Her hair is a profusion of strawberry-blonde waves that falls past her shoulders, framing an angelic face with a porcelein complexion and wide sea-green eyes. There is a small scar just over the left side of her collarbone; unknown to her, this is where her employers implanted a small homing device that allows them to track her movements. She is unaware of this device at present, and is thus perplexed over how they seem to always be able to track her down.

Jean's Character Sheet

Name: Jean Somers
Character Type: Gifted
Concept: Fugitive
Profession: Former corporate psychic, now fugitive


Strength 1, Dexterity 2, Constitution 2, Intelligence 4, Perception 3, Willpower 4

Life Points: 22
Endurance Points: 26
Speed: 8
Essence Points: 27

Channeling level: 0

Qualities: The Gift; Attractiveness (4 levels)

Drawbacks: Adversary (5 levels; Combine)

Metaphysics: Mindhands (Art 3, Strength 3), Mindsight (Art 5, Strength 3)

Skills: Acting 3, Dodge 3, Computers 4, Science 5 (psychology), Seduction 3, Driving 1, First aid 4, Stealth 3

Equipment: None, other than the clothes on her back.

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