Luke Blackhand—Phantasm

Luke Blackhand was born Lucas Jablonski. Lucas was rather shy and liked to read a lot. While he was growing up, the kids at school thought he was weird - and they didn't even know he liked poetry. They just thought he was writing music - which he was, but he was setting it to poetry he'd memorized. The kids at school called him "Blackhand" because his hand was usually blackened from the pencil he used to write.

Lucas went onto college, graduated, and eventually died a pointless death in a car accident. Never married, he had a girlfriend while in college but there was no one special in his life when he died.

After he died, he spent a bit of time exploring the death realms before he discovered he could return to the earthly sphere. It was a rather disheartening experience at first. He could see and hear people but no one could see him. Perhaps it was his frustration which enabled Luke to form a body and so return to the earthly realm.

Luke's first incarnation was a learning experience. Admittedly, it could have gone a lot worse, but it was one of those experiences better not repeated. Luke decided he needed to plan his second incarnation. For instance, having clothes handy would be quite useful, and a quiet place was a must.

He started scouting out various locations - public buildings, businesses, schools and even a few homes. While in the process of evaluating a high school, Luke stopped in an English class to listen to some poetry. Incredibly, one of the girls on the class noticed him. Her name was Deirdre.

For Luke's second incarnation, he went on a date.

Luke and Deirdre have been going out for years now. Looking back on it, Luke thinks it started out as a case of two lonely people who needed someone. But now, Luke is sure he loves Deirdre. He tends to hang around her a lot when not incarnated, and they've even gone out on dates that way. Many of Luke's incarnations take place specifically so they can spend "quality time" together. Luke has even taken her to some of the safer areas in the death realms.

Other than being dead and the resulting circumstances, Deirdre is the major influence in Luke's current life. Most of his clothes were bought by Deirdre, as was most of his other store-bought possessions.

Luke has a basement studio apartment in a run-down neighborhood not to far from the University of San Tobal. He's furnished the apartment almost entirely with stuff other people have thrown out. For transportation, he has a motorcycle which he stores in the apartment. He pays his rent and obtains his spending money through a series of part time jobs and the occasional odd job. Only a few times has Luke has been able to cash in on knowledge picked up while immaterial, but he has been able to pick some up valuable knowledge about magic from his anonymous observations.

Description: As Deirdre does a lot of his clothes shopping, the majority of Luke's wardrobe is black. He has naturally dark hair which is slightly wavy and about collar length. He is rather nondescript - unless you ask Deirdre, who will proceed to describe Luke in intimate detail. Luke almost always manifests as the same age as Deirdre, who is now in her late teens. Theoretically, he could appear as any age up to his age at his death, but it would take a serious emergency for him to even consider it.


Luke's Character Sheet

Name: Luke Blackhand
Character Type: Spirit
Concept: Weird One
Profession: Numerous part-time jobs


Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Constitution 2, Intelligence 3, Perception 2, Willpower 5

Life Points: 132
Endurance Points: 27
Speed: 8
Essence Points: 51
Vital Essence Points: 66
Channeling level: 2

Qualities: Phantasm, The Gift, Essence Channeling (2 levels)

Drawbacks: Resources (2 levels)

Metaphysics: Death Passage 4, Soulfire 3

Skills: Singing 2, Humanities (Musical Composition) 1, Humanities (Setting Music to Lyrics) 1, Rituals (Ravens) 1, Rituals (Rosicrucian) 1, Rituals (Wicce) 1, Spritus 4

Equipment: Motorcycle, wardrobe of black clothing, studio apartment

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