Zoe Soren - Gifted Daredevil in the Cabal of Psyche, Former Rosicrucian

Zoe doesnít ever seem to have any real worries. She loves life and will try anything once. She is the one who will suggest that everyone go skydiving or skinnydeeping or crash an exclusive party in Beverly Hills. One might say that she is overcompensating for things she went through as a child, but she is still a lot of fun to be around.

The Sorens are a Rosicrucian family that can trace their lineage back to the thirteenth century. Zoeís great-great-grandfather was the Tribune of Amsterdam, and her parents both held important positions in the New York Shrine. Her father had great plans for his only daughter and was disappointed that she seemed to only have a talent for "wild magic".

Zoe didnít need her seer powers to see how her parents felt about her, so she responded by rebelling at an early age. If her parents were going to show contempt for her, than Zoe was going to give them something to be contemptuous about. She committed the usual acts of teenage rebellion involving sex, drugs, and rock & roll: but the thing that upset her parents the most was the tattoo. Zoe got a Rose Cross tattooed on her right shoulder at the age of sixteen which her parents thought was disrespectful and in very poor taste.

Which was, of course, the whole idea.

When Zoe turned eighteen she left New York and joined the Cabal of Psyche. The Cabal had the twin advantages of being able to help her develop her Seer powers and being one of the Covenants that her father hated. He was convinced that the Cabal of Psyche was part of the Combine. All Zoe knew was that joining the Cabal would seriously upset her father.

She actually got a lot out of the Cabal, though her rebellious nature didnít go away upon leaving the Rosicrucians. Zoe naturally gravitated to the rebel faction of the Covenant. She also learned Mindkill for the sole reason that she knew it would upset the Elders.

Zoe was part of a Cabal group in Boulder for a number of years and lived with a Seer Solitaire during that time named Christian. They were happy times even though he refused to have anything to do with the Cabal. Eventually they broke up and she decided to work with the Cabal in Los Angeles as Christian decided to head east.

In Los Angeles Zoe ended up becoming friends with a mundane sculptor named Jasmine Chase, otherwise known as Jazz, who specialized in large metallic assemblages. They moved into a warehouse loft with an exboxer named Rowen Mahoney who was currently working as a bouncer and doing his best to look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Zoe likes the arrangement fine and loves living in California. Even though Los Angeles is also the location of a Rosicrucian Shrine, itís still a big enough town that Zoe doesnít really have to deal with any of them. Besides which, the Rosicrucians that she really wants to avoid live on the other side of the country.

Description: Zoe Soren is an attractive women in her mid-twenties with blue eyes and long curly blond hair. She has that tan athletic look that seems to be something of a necessity for people living in California, so it worked for her. She has a distinctive tattoo on her right shoulder of a rosy cross.

Zoe's Character Sheet

Name: Zoe Soren
Character Type: Gifted
Concept: Daredevil
Profession: Psychic Fun Girl


Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Constitution 2, Intelligence 3, Perception 3, Willpower 4

Life Points: 26
Endurance Points: 29
Speed: 10
Essence Points: 55

Channeling level: 2

Qualities: The Gift; Attractiveness (2 levels); Essence Channeling (2 levels)

Drawbacks: Reckless, Secret (3 levels; ex-Rosicrucian in the Cabal of Psyche)

Metaphysics: Mindsight (Strength 2, Art 2), Mindtalk (Strength 2, Art 2), Mindrule (Strength 2, Art 1), Mindkill (Strength 1, Art 1)

Skills: Dancing (Modern) 3, Occult Knowledge (Seers) 3, Streetwise 2, Humanities (Psychology) 3, Research/Investigation 3. First Aid 3, Smooth Talk 3, Stealth 2
(Note: Even though she loves to drive, Zoe has no actual driving skill and as such only adds a 1 to her success roll. Most of the people who have ever driven with her are convinced that she is in fact the worst driver on the planet.)

Equipment:A warehouse loft that she shares with Jazz and Rowen, a futon, a bunch of candles, a casual wardrobe, a snowboard that she hasnít used since living in Boulder, a pile of unpaid traffic tickets, an occult library that is pretty good considering that it is housed in a bookshelf made from milk crates, and a beat up 1976 Camaro that Jazz is trying to get running again.

Maintainer's note: The above sheet is a revised version of Zoe Soren's character sheet sent to me by Zoe's creator, Thom Marrion. The higher-powered version previously located on this page can be found here.
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