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"Uh, excuse me, but the Wyrm's here..."
-Children of Gaia Ahroun Randall "Stands-Like-a-Mountain" Tull, after Fianna Ahroun Morgan McTaggart called Warning of the Wyrm's Approach on half Randall's pack

"I feel underdressed."
-Stargazer Theurge Ki Breaks-the-Border, after discovering how many of her packmates were carrying weapons on one adventure

"Do you want Professor Ryan to blow up Georgetown?"
-Ki, in response to Stargazer Philodox Charly Speaks-Too-Much's proposal to inform Fianna Theurge Alyssa Friend-to-the-Faeís Hermetic magus father about the Sept of the Three Fires kidnaping his daughter

"...Hispo...that's dire wolf. Or, in his case, wolf the size of a horse."
-Kiís player, to a new player, explaining about the Five Forms (and about Randall having the "Huge Size" merit)

"I can't be dead...I hurt too much."
-Order of Hermes Mage Aidan Ryan, on a number of occasions

"It's Lieutenant Commander Plot Device to the rescue!"
-The player of Glass Walker Ragabash Eugene Crashes-the-Drive, on the characterís ability to save the day during his first game

"íHigher learning?í Wow, that must mean they throw spears and rocks at you from those tall buildings..."
-Brodir, Get of Fenris Ahroun, upon hearing Gabriel Moonfangís description of a college as an "institute of higher learning"

"Yeah, that Professor Ryan is really smart. Heís got all those...books....full of all those...words..."
-Brodirís player, portraying his "Uneducated" Flaw

"íWhat idiot tried to take something away from a Black Fury?
"íYou might be able to take her virginity...but only if she let you!í"
-Conversation between two other players on Kiís ill-fated attempt to put the moves on Aidan (Black Fury Philodox Shakti True-Strikeís boyfriend)

"I want sane backup."
-Uktena Ragabash Mojo on why he keeps calling Jo Brill, his Glass Walker Galliard packmate, over the other members of the pack, despite the fact that sheís busy with other things

"What the hell am I doing in Fuzzy Central?"
-Cyn, Mage of the Hollow Ones, upon coming to in the Sept after being rescued from the Technocracy

"It wasnít as good as combat...but it was close!"
-Brodir, on his night with Cyn

"Heís doing it again!"
-Brodir, upon witnessing one of Aidanís ancestors possessing the mageís body

"A reverse Cupid."
-Mojoís description of Shaktiís appearance in "Justice Avatar" form

"I couldnít have gotten a facial scar...nooo! I had to get turned into a tree!"
-Brodirís player, on his character's encounter with a dryad in Faery

"The Bone Gnawers must be, like, ĎOh! Rat has blessed us so! Send us more stupid Get -- please!í"
-Brodirís playerís interpretation of his distribution of funds to the Sept of the Three Garbage Cans

"And, in the distance, you see a huge cloud of dust making its way away from the Unseelie palace, that soon solidifies into an army of ragged elves..."
-The STís description of the mass exodus from the Unseelie dungeons

"A Children of Gaia Ahroun? Yeah, right! Thatís a good one!"
-Brodir, upon discovering what auspice Randall was

"You think heíd learn the first time, but nooo!"
-Alyssa Friend-to-the-Fae, on the second time she was kidnapped by Prince Bartelet of the Unseelie

"Donít hit on the Black Fury...donít hit on the Black Fury...
"Fine! Hit on the Black Fury! $#!@*idiot!"
-The ST and Brodirís player trying to save a terminally brain-dead character from doing something really, really stupid, and the STís reaction when he did it anyway

"Skippy the Wonder Boy"
-Brodirís playerís term for Apollyon Kamaal (the aforementioned terminally brain-dead character)

"íHey! Big aní stupidís back! Burger King for everybody!í"
-Brodirís player, quoting the Bone Gnawersí reaction to the news that he was back in town after semester break

"I donít think I can help J.P.!"
-Wendigo Theurge Joe Walks-in-Wonder, after meeting the Georgetown student bodyís resident nerd-boy

"If you want to cut things up, do it in the Biology lab!"
-Randall, upon coming across Brodir teaching "Disemboweling 101" on the quadrangle at Georgetown

"What do you know? Youíre Children of Gaia -- your Ďusí is everybody except, maybe, two people on the planet! Iím a Get -- we do things much more sensibly."
-Brodir, discussing ideological differences with Randall

"You say, 'take you to him who want book!' Him want book!"
-A goblin, pointing to the librarian on duty, explaining why it led the characters to the campus library in answer to their request that it take them to the person who had ordered it to bring him books (maintainer's note: Brodir then lost patience and squashed the unfortunate goblin :-).

"Hello, little boy---wanna be a piece of candy?"
-Glass Walker Galliard Pat Davisís thought upon first seeing elven prince Darien Ashoka up close (and being awed by those two extra dots of Appearance)

"A Black Fury, a Fianna, and a Wendigo...letís see...the first oneíll have my balls if I come on to her, the second oneíll have my head, and the third oneíll have my heart---so much for that!"
-Uktena Theurge Jack Shooting-Starsís player, on his characterís first sight of Shakti, Alyssa, and Delilah Littlepanther, respectively

"Iíd like to introduce our very own local superhero -- Boonieman!"
-Pat, introducing Randall to Stargazer Ragabash Luis di Itturiaga and Fianna Galliard Brenna OíShay (and joking about Randall's rural origins)

"Those of you able to make it down the stairs will see a large Crinos wearing a denim vest..."
-The ST, describing the aftermath of the explosion in Darnall hallís third floor stairwell during the altercation between Glass Walker Ahroun Richard Drives-Through-Doors and a Black Spiral Dancer

"Itís Alyssa and Aidanís relatives...well, not the car, the people driving it..."
-Randall, explaining about the late-night visit of elven knights Valdir and Keely, with Gwena (their shapechanged elvensteed) in the parking lot

"Oh, great---she may not have been the best roommate I ever had, but at least she didnít make a mess!"
-Brenna, during Shanna OíCallahanís near-death experience

"Weíve got an Unseelie Queen-approved guy here".
"Well, weíve got a Goblin King-approved girl here."
-Richard and Pat (respectively), prior to their night together

"Gaia grows them big now."
"Sure -- we use natural fertilizer."
-Richardís player, on why the recently-encountered pack of Black Spirals hadnít shown up since, and Randallís playerís response

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