The Sept of the Windriders

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General Information
Supporting Cast and Comrades

General Information

Level Two Caern, Gauntlet 4, Caern Totem: Unicorn
Caern of Wisdom; spirits of Visions and Enigmas

The caern is located in Rock Creek Park, three miles outside of Georgetown University. Ostensibly, the area has been set aside for the meeting of a pagan group to hold Circles; this is used to explain away any "unusual" happenings .

The Bawn extends for a circle of half a mile from the Caern's center (in a wooded area of the park, where the Circles are supposedly held); it is periodically patrolled by Guardians in Homid form (acting as park staff) who make certain that none unwittingly intrude into the Caern.

The Homid members of the Sept and their Kinfolk have constructed a small house on the edge of the Bawn, where those Sept members who prefer to dwell at the Caern stay. It is not unusual to see certain of the Mages and Kindred of Washington D.C. there at times as well.

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Voice of the Goddess: Mender/"Melinda Enders" (Elder Metis Child of Gaia Philodox)
Arm of the Goddess: Robin Songshaper (Elder Homid Child of Gaia Galliard)

Master of the Rite: Arion MindWalker (Adren Homid Stargazer Theurge)

Mistress of the Challenge: Diana "Strikes-First" Ravenwood (Adren Homid Black Fury Ahroun)

Caern Warder: Reva Breaks-the-Spiral (Athro Homid Black Fury Ahroun)

Keeper of the Land: Natalia Fireheart (Fostern Homid Fianna Galliard)

Gatekeeper: Deirdre Autumn's-Daughter (Fostern Homid Fianna Theurge)

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Supporting Cast and Comrades

Cheryl Nightjewel: Fostern Homid Black Fury Theurge
Lia Calms-the-Storms: Adren Homid Child of Gaia Theurge
Gabriel Moonfang: Cliath Homid Silver Fang Ahroun
Eldan Wanderlust: Fostern Homid Silent Strider Galliard
Shakti "True-Strike" Ravenwood: Fostern Homid Black Fury Philodox
Alyssa "Friend-to-the-Fae" Ryan: Fostern Homid Fianna Theurge
Tal "Leaps-Beyond-the-Reach-of-the-Wyrm" Cliath Shimada: Homid Stargazer Ahroun
Shanna "Dances-in-Moonlight" O'Callahan: Cliath Homid Fianna Galliard

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Kimiyo Sword-of-Lightning: Fostern Homid Hakken Philodox
Tsume: Fostern Lupus Red Talon Ragabash
Kerry Paints-Trucks: Cliath Metis Bone Gnawer Galliard
Strider: Fostern Homid Child of Gaia Galliard

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Orenda Dances-in-Starlight: Homid Stargazer Galliard
Dawnfire: Lupus Wendigo Galliard
Mara Strikes-from-the-Shadows: Homid Black Fury Ragabash
Tears-of-the-Morning: Lupus Fianna Theurge
Tyleet: Metis Stargazer Theurge
Kelly Hunter: Homid Black Fury Theurge

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