The Shiny Metal Record

The Adventures of the Pack of Gaia's Open Hand

As kept by Darkness-Brings-Light, Cliath Child of Gaia Moon Dancer

I, Darkness-Brings-Light, known among the humans as Benjamin C. Dargo, hereby announce the formation of a new Garou pack, dedicated to establishing relations between the Garou and the other shapechanging races. Cleans-Up-Nice, a homid Bone Gnawer Ahroun, is our pack alpha. Scarab Counter, a homid Silent Strider Theurge (known among the humans as Ali Rasheed), Nightstalker, a homid Black Fury Ragabash (known among the humans as Sonja Kerrigan), and myself, a metis Children of Gaia Galliard, compose the rest of the pack.

Darkness-Brings-Light's Private Notes

Life brings many surprises, and occasionally the surprises are pleasant. Like myself becoming part of a new pack. I already like this better than being the junior member of my old pack back in Pennsylvania --- not that they aren't good people, but as the only member under six feet tall it's sometimes hard to get taken seriously. And having joined the pack before my Rite of Passage didn't help either --- though my standing did increase after my Rite of Passage.

Now don't get me wrong --- out of my experience with the three tribes I've lived with, the Children of Gaia are the best.

Now, I was born to a Fianna. For homid, lupus and kinfolk, it would be great to be a Fianna. But my problem with the Fianna is their treatment of metis. After all, it's not my fault I'm a metis. Why should I be treated as less than dirt for what my parents did? I can at least intellectually understand chaining me up when I lost my temper --- I suppose I was a danger to Kinfolk, though I was always after the cocky clodpoles who would torment me. I still can't forgive the Fianna as a Tribe for condoning the mocking of metis and the other unnecessary abuse heaped on me.

Bone Gnawers are always willing to give a hand to the unfortunate. I was treated a lot better by them than by my birth kin! They have no problem with those unfortunates who've been born metis. However they have no problem with making them in the first place! They flagrantly violate the first law of the Litany, creating more poor unfortunates. It's downright cruel! After I lost my temper a few times over the issue, the ‘Gnawers and I agreed that it would be better for all if we separated.

The Children of Gaia are sensible. They treat metis well, but discourage the birth of new metis. They tend to be a little too soft sometimes on the prevention issue, but even at their most liberal they still try to avoid creating new metis.

I went to the ice cream social Georgetown had for new students. I generally enjoyed it --- though I have to complain that all the interesting girls I met there turned out to be Garou! I found Tatiana, a rather out-there Silver Fang, to be charming. I thought it was amusing the way her friend Sarah was trying to cover up her references to things Garou --- seeing as I happen to be Garou!

I also encountered an annoying clay-brained individual. From what he said and the way he was acting I figured he had to be Fianna, so I challenged him to tell me any story about Cu Chulain. As I could and he couldn't he stalked off in a huff. So much for the inherent inferiority of metis!

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