Dearest Jenner,

I've so much to tell you...and I'm not sure where to begin.

I found Alan; he's well, and sends his greetings. The night we shared under the stars was heaven; a warm, clear Midsummer's Eve, with the full moon above us, and the fires burning so makes me want to cry, remembering it.

I've spoken to my Aunt Janna, as well; she told me some things that I still have a hard time believing. The dreams I've been having of times past are real, she says -- memories of past lifetimes. She also tells me that those of my House are different from the others of our kith; we return to this world in our own forms (due, perhaps, to our human blood). It seems hard to believe, I know...sidhe reincarnating!

She also told me about my knives...that they're pieces of my father's sword, and that the sword could open the Gates to the Dreaming -- at least, when it was whole. That, and she gave me a rather cryptic comment: "like calls to like." I'm still not certain what that means...

I've given my pendant to one Alecsander de Medici, whom I met in the Victorian Rose Society and Gardens...hopefully it should reach you soon.

I have something I need to tell you, godfather, but I think it fitting you hear it from my own lips. Please let me be with you again, if only for a little while.

Know that I love you more than I can say, and that, wherever you go, a piece of my heart goes with you.

Your Little Raven,

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