The Duchy of SilverWater

Located in Virginia near the Washington, D.C. border, this realm was formed when a marriage between the Seelie duke, Arislan ap Fiona, and the Unseelie countess, Rhiannon ni Eiluned, united the former duchy of SilverWood and county of DarkWater. In accordance with the old ways of the Fae, Arislan rules from Beltaine until Samhain, and Rhiannon from Samhain until Beltaine. The ducal seat is Carterhaugh, visible to the mortal world as a mansion in Silver Woods, Virginia.

The duchy is protected by the Ducal Guard, a fae militia of some one hundred warriors, most of them sidhe and troll knights. Many of the more martially-inclined fae of the duchy turn their abilities to this organization. The captain of the ducal guard is Lady Valeria ni Scathach, a sidhe knight.

Both Seelie and Unseelie Kithain mix freely in SilverWater, and the realm enjoys a marked lack of conflict between its inhabitants. Provided they obey the laws of the Escheat, all fae are welcome in the duchy.


Counties and Baronies in SilverWater

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