The Annals of the Silver Lion

Lord Julien's private notes

Entry One

Well, what can I say? The first day of my tenure as scribe was exciting, to say the least.

Eavan has some interesting tattoos; I wonder if they cover everything? I'd certainly like a closer look at them (and I wouldn't mind a closer look at the rest of him, either...).

I've tried to reconstruct everything that happened during the reunion, but my stupid fountain pen burst, so some of my notes got smeared. I really hate it when that happens. Must invest in a better grade of pen next time.

Now that Eavan's staying with Gunthar and me, I have some leisure to talk to him a little more. I have to admit I'm intrigued by the circumstances of his arrival (and the view I got during the fight, but that's another story altogether...).

Must find out more about what Eavan's sister was talking about...maybe there's something in Uncle Henri's library about it...

Must go Ashram wants his breakfast.

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