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"Horizonal on my bed is the most honorable position I can think of right now."
---Ali "Scarab Counter" Rasheed, upon being told by Benjamin Darkness-Brings-Light that he'd been volunteered for the "honorable duty" of helping to guard the Caern of the Silver Horn

"I think that's her way of trying to tell you you're full of it."
---Yukio "Wills-Many-Facets" Blackstar, to John "Cleans-Up-Nice" Smith, as he extolled how much he would like to take part in guard duty and Sonja "Nightstalker" Kerrigan squatted over his feet in Lupus form

"I may have embarassed you by repeating some of the nastier words you taught me."
---Ali, to Hakken Ragabash Jotaro "Bringer-of-Storms" Asakura, referring to Ali's meeting with Joe's cousin, Hakken Philodox Miria "Rides-The-Storm" Okami (and Joe's educating Ali in the cruder words in the Japanese language)

"I didn't check -- that's Bear's business."
---Cleans-Up-Nice, during a discussion about the gender of their pack totem among the packmembers

"If you aren't careful, we will cure you -- permanently."
---Yukio's player, to Ali's player, regarding his character seeking a cure for being Garou

"It's probably dolphin."
"Flipper? I remember Flipper..."
---Benjamin, on the cafeteria's Tuna Surprise, and Ali's worried response

"Benjamin is such a downer!"
---Darkness-Brings-Light's player, discussing his character's often gloomy outlook

"Where's Cleans-Up-Nice? I keep staring at his laundry pile..."
"Poke it -- it might move."
---Ali, wondering about the whereabouts of the pack's erstwhile Alpha, and Yukio's response

"Aren't you afraid they'll just dissolve in the laundry?"
---Sonja, as Benjamin discussed washing John's laundry pile

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