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Welcome to my RPG page!

For the uninitiated, a roleplaying game (abbreviated as "RPG")1 is a form of interactive entertainment where you create and take on the role of a fictional character and have adventures with the other players' characters in a fictional world. One player acts as the "Gamemaster"2 (abbreviated as "GM"). She creates the world, adjudicates conflicts, and plays any other characters that the players' characters might encounter. The whole experience is something like being in a TV show or movie, but instead of following a script, the players and GM create the story together from game session to game session.

I've been a GM since 1993, and my favorite game systems include White Wolf Game Studios' StoryTeller and Storytelling Systems; the Unisystem (created by CJ Carella and published by Eden Studios); and the HERO System.

I've been a member of UB-SARPA, the State University of New York at Buffalo's Strategists and Roleplayers' Association, for a number of years, and have GMed games at UBCon, UB-SARPA's annual gaming convention, since 1996. If you happen to be attending UBCon, feel free to play in my con games, or just say "Hi!"

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Here is a list of RPGs I've GMed.

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The Many Faces of Midori

Here are some of my favorite roleplaying characters, past and present.

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Life's A Die, and then You Bitch

A number of years ago, a friend of mine published a small-press magazine called Portals. One of my contributions was a column on roleplaying with the tongue-in-cheek title, "Life's a Die, and Then You Bitch." Sadly, Portals is no longer in print, but the installments of "Life's a Die.." have found a new home here; you can read them by following the links below.

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The Gamemistress' Character Sheet Archive

Here's a collection of "home-made" blank character sheets for a number of games that I play.

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Here's a special dedication to all the players who've ever had to leave my games. You are missed!

A great big "Thank you!" to everyone who's contributed to this page or played in my games.

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1For purposes of this web site, "RPG" refers to "Pen-and-Paper" or "tabletop" RPGS - the kinds played with dice and character sheets. Console RPGs (Final Fantasy and the like) are an entirely different kettle of fish.

2Game-specific names for "Gamemaster" include "Dungeon Master" (Dungeons & Dragons); "Storyteller" (the majority of White Wolf's games), and "Director" (Cinematic Unisystem).

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