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The Kindred

Clan Brujah
Clan Gangrel
Clan Malkavian
Clan Nosferatu
Clan Toreador
Clan Tremere
Clan Ventrue
Other Clans

The Others

Garou and Other Shape-changers
Significant Mortals

Clan Brujah

Damon Salvatore: The Brujah Primogen.
Remy LeBrel: Anarch and cat burglar. "Anything not nailed down is fair game; anything I can pry up isn't nailed down."
Amber March: Street gang member. Proof that the female of the species can be deadlier than the male.
Dani Walthers (a/k/a "Mistress Dani"): Dominatrix. "Pain and pleasure can be one and the same."
Erin Summers: Musician, anarch, and little hellcat. Barely five feet tall, but with enough attitude for someone three times her size.
Jack Bain: Weapons dealer. Your one-stop destruction shop.
Natalie Whitman: Ex-policewoman and vigilante.
Shanna Whitman (a/k/a "Nightstalker"): Vigilante. "Batman, eat your heart out!" She and Jannette Ashton (see the Toreador entries) have become the "Thelma and Louise" of the local Kindred set.

Clan Gangrel

Margali Szardosz: The Gangrel Primogen
Lobo: Gangrel guardian of Arlington National Cemetery.
Aaron Boone: Sabbat Hunter.
Rick Hunter: Private eye. Husband of Chelsea Rice-Hunter (see the Toreador entries).
Dagon: Animal lover and star-crossed lover (see the Garou entries...)
Brian O'Connell: Guerilla fighter, demolitions expert, and inverterate gambler (at least, away from Precinct Seven!)
Kerwin O'Donnal: Musical instrument-maker and latter-day wandering troubadour. Here's a sample of his work!
Diana Drake: Private eye, outdoorswoman, and Kerwin's lady-friend.
Reyna: This European Gangrel is a wandering storyteller and also serves as bodyguard to her Ravnos sister, Astra (see the Other Clans entry...).

Clan Malkavian

Domini: The Malkavian Primogen.
Amelinda Lopez (a/k/a "Lindy"): Domini's little girl. Be sure to get her doll some ice cream.
Ezekiel Weinstock (a/k/a "Izzy"): A Malkavian with a decidedly odd collection of knickknacks.
Paul Simon: A would-be hero with a penchant for collecting autographs.

Clan Nosferatu

Vladimr Rubashov: The Nosferatu Primogen.
Gregor Ulovich Tolchinsky: Information broker.
Freddy: "Boys will be boys" applies even more to this pint-sized prankster.
Gwynifer Jones: Wrongfully Embraced by a Sabbat Nosferatu, this gentle soul has made it her mission to alleviate the suffering of the homeless of the city.

Clan Toreador

Louis de Valmont: The Toreador Primogen. Owner of The Vampire Lestat, he is the city's master of intrigue.
Artamise Laveau: This vivacious social butterfly serves as "Maman" to the city's Toreador.
Armand de Valois: Believed by many in the city to be a member of the Brujah clan, this charismatic young Kindred leads the city's Anarchs.
Indigo Jones: This sultry siren is used to getting what she wants.
Chelsea Rice-Hunter: A beautiful and passionate horror writer. Wife of Rick Hunter (see the Gangrel entries...)
Cat Ryan: Bartender of The Vampire Lestat, this fiery raven-haired beauty is lover to Armand and sister to Hermetic Magus Andrew Ryan.
Talerian MacSidhe: Blacksmith, artisan, and SCA knight, she counts friends among both the Mages and Garou.
Tracy Perez: This neonate of Louis' is well-liked by all, and always has a friendly smile for a stranger.
Jannette Ashton: A comic book writer well-known for her vampiric creations, she now finds herself one of the Kindred, as well. She and Shanna Whitman (see the Brujah entries) have become a sort of "Thelma and Louise of the Kindred set." Check out this page from her notebook!
Doreen O'Neill: This feisty little redhead hangs out with the anarchs.

Clan Tremere

Pontifex Guiseppe Balsamo, Conte de Cagliostro: The Tremere Primogen.
Jonathan Shade: Professor of Occult Studies at George Washington University.
Sathan: Cagliostro's newest Childe.
Ariann Karabatsos: Shade's Childe-cum-consort.
David Corbin: This young graduate student has made rapid progress in the ranks of the clan.
John C. Wright, Esquire: This wielder of fantasy fiction-inspired magic is viewed with trepidation by some of his clan-mates for his dealings with the spirit world.

Clan Ventrue

Stephen Gallatin: Inconnu Monitor of Washington.
Francesca da San Germano: Prince of Washington, D.C.
Eric Knight: An Archon of the Ventrue Justicar, his presence in the city is known to only a few. Fewer still know why he is there...
Senator Alexander Bennett: Francesca's Childe, he is responsible for overseeing the politics of the city.
Marcus Bane: A former CIA agent, he now serves as the Prince's "elimination specialist."
Edward Lewis Weyland: This bibliophile Ventrue makes his Haven in the Library of Congress.
Max Davenport: The owner of The Midnight Sun is perpetually nervous and likes to keep a low profile, but never seems to be able to...
Helene Clay: Davenport's lover.

Other Clans

Angelina Giovanni: This scion of the Giovanni clan is a new face in Washington.
Demona: This female Gargoyle is the first one to be sent to the D.C. Chantry.
Aurelia: A member of the mysterious Salubri, she has come seeking things known only to herself.
Astra: Accompanied by her sister, Reyna (see the Gangrel entries), this beautiful and cunning Ravnos will cheerfully swindle you out of your last penny if she feels like it.


Geoff Willard: Embraced by a depraved Ventrue, he only wishes to be left alone with his mortal girlfriend.
Amy Benneker: A streetwalker in life and Unlife, she protects her fellow prostitutes.
Jason Kendall: Abandoned by his mad Sire, he has found acceptance among the Anarchs.

Garou and Other Shape-changers

Stalker-of-Shadows: Leader of the Sept of the Seven Pines, this old wolf is much respected by his peers.
Valerie "Truthseeker" Grant: A policewoman, this Black Fury uses her Garou abilities to help enforce the law on the supernatural front.
Morgan and Meggan McTaggart: These twin Fianna warriors are unstoppable on the battlefield.
Daniel Walker: A Bone Gnawer Ragabash with a cheerful attitude and a penchant for pranks.
Di "Strikes-First" Ravenwood: This young Black Fury is discovering the extent of her powers.
Arion MindWalker: This young Stargazer is just discovering the extent of his powers...and trying to come to grips with his feelings for Di.
Kerowyn Wanderlust: A merry Silent Strider with a penchant for fooling around (in more ways than one ;)!)
Natalia Fireheart: A gentle, animal-loving Fianna with a dark secret: a vampire love called Dagon (see the Gangrel entries...)
Lydia Bashir: This member of the Bagheera tribe of the Bastet (werecats) has come to the city for reasons known only to herself.


Dr. Julian Mordrid: Magus of the Order of Hermes and leader of the Georgetown Knights cabal.
Aleta ni Deanna: Pagan High Priestess and member of the Wyck ("Verbena"). Julian's lover.
Andrew Ryan: Mage of the Order of Hermes.
Phoenix: This silver-haired Dreamspeaker is a powerful, fascinating enigma.
Kit Brightwater: Dreamspeaker, modern-day shaman, and Wendigo Kinfolk. Phoenix's lover.
Tatsu and Taka Miyamoto: Twin mages of the Akashic Brotherhood.
Kara Valentine: An Ecstatic exotic dancer with prodigious appetites.
Kathy Hayama: This young graduate student is slowly discovering her own magical powers as a Hermetic mage.
Aja Li: A thirteen year-old girl with vast magical powers.

Significant Mortals

Shannon Knight: Kinfolk to the Fianna, partner to a Black Fury, and lover to Hermetic Magus Andrew Ryan, this feisty redhead holds her own as well as any of her supernatural friends.
Jagi Wright: The wife of a Tremere, she is gradually discovering her own special abilities.
Keiko Li: Formerly under the sway of darker mages, Aja's mother has found peace as Talerian's housekeeper.

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