The Annals of the Silver Lion

As recorded by Lord Julien Marron ap Eiluned, Court Scribe of Caer Leon

Entry the Third

It is with much relief that I here report that the barony is safe once again.

Lady Sandra Lee, Lady Aeryn ni Scathach, Eavan ap Fiona, and their noble Prodigal allies ended the threat of the crazed Prodigal known as Marc Bladeheart (an individual also known by the allonym "Warwolf") and the kithain scoundrels who chose to ally themselves with him.

I am told that Lady Aeryn fought most valiantly against the cur Bladeheart, aided in no small part by the puissant magics of Lady Sandra and Eavan. I have also been informed that praise should be given to Lady Sandra, especially, for it was her keen mind which formulated the plan to bring down the threat.

Lady Sandra, Lady Aeryn, Eavan and their Prodigal ally, Mr. Steve Smith, brought one of the blackguards who had allied with Bladeheart, a troll named Moira McAllister, to Caer Leon to be placed in the custody of the Baronial Guard. Sir Gunthar Mountaincrusher took charge of the prisoner upon their arrival. Lady Sandra also left a message for Sir Kellin that the problem of Bladeheart had been dealt with, then she and the others returned to the Villa Domina to attend to business of their own.

Sir Kellin arrived to question the prisoner, and discovered that she had attempted to seduce Sir Gunthar, with no success whatsoever. I will note here that her clothing was returned to her some time after Sir Kellin's departure.

The prisoner will remain under guard at Caer Leon until she can be submitted to His Highness' justice at the next meeting of court.

June 14,
in the twenty-third year of the reign of Their Graces Arislan ap Fiona and Rhiannon ni Eiluned,
at Caer Leon, Barony of the Silver Lion, Duchy of SilverWater, Kingdom of Apples

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